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Latin America

His remains will finally be transferred to the Italian town of Pietrasanta, where those of his wife, Greek painter Sofia Var, rest. 

The South American country maintains a path of economic growth with a "continuous and consecutive growth of eight quarters," said Nicolás Maduro. 

The measure came shortly after a discotheque in San Juan de Lurigancho was attacked with an explosive device, leaving 10 people injured.

The government pledged to combat crime and acts of banditry throughout the national territory.


During the ceremony, Ambassador Teferi underlined that the returned artifacts and sacred religious artefacts are of great importance to the Church, history and cultural development of the Ethiopian people.

I have no doubt that with the launch of the online tourist visa application, our tourism industry is expected to perform economic miracles. This is good news for employment, especially among our youth and women," Kawana said.

The UN said that the crossings started on April 21 shortly after the onset of the conflict in Sudan, mainly through the Metema and Kurmuk Ethiopia-Sudan border entry points.

"The security forces have launched a search for the victims, as well as making efforts to arrest the attackers," Yusuf said.


The event will be attended by representatives of countries such as Brazil, Israel, India, Yemen, Colombia, Cuba, Lebanon, Uganda, Madagascar, and South Africa.

Francisco Jaramillo, who started among the favorites for having been silver in the 2022 World Cup in Israel, was surpassed by Nikita Kiriltsev.

Olga Carmona ensured that Spain become the second country after Germany to have won both men's and women's World Cup titles.


With suspicions about the British Museum's ability to keep the artefacts safe, many countries have renewed calls to demand the return of the items that belonged to them.

Film by the joint editorial team of TV BRICS is intended to draw the viewers' attention to the national accents of the interpretation of the writer's philosophy.

The discovery of the tomb was credited to the efforts of the Pocopamba Archaeological Project.

Dymbryl Dashibaldanov said that Russia has traditional Buddhism and is capable of hosting such representative events at a high professional level.

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