teleSUR has always been breaking the news on big events, not only in Latin America but around the world. For the last nine years we have been covering important news and information, reporting the truth internationally.


teleSUR aired for the first time from the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, Venezuela. Its advisory board was made up of important figures such as Noble Peace Prize Winner, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, and journalist Ignacio Ramonet.



It is made public that the building of the television channel CMT in Venezuela, will be bought and used as teleSUR headquarters.



teleSUR reaches Cuba through the television channel Canal Educativo 2. The new headquarters in Caracas are inaugurated and teleSUR increases its number of workers and partners.



teleSUR covers important events such as the attacks against FARC camps, in which a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia's secretary, Raúl Reyes, is killed.



The coverage of the coup d'état against Honduras's president Manuel Zelaya, turns teleSUR into an important international news channel. TeleSUR is the only news channel to broadcast what is happening in this country.

From this year on, teleSUR becomes a multimedia force with presence in social media networks and with a website.



teleSUR covers the humanitarian operation of unilateral release of the people retained by the FARC.

In July teleSUR expands its signal after it joining the Hotbird satellite, broadcasting into 123 countries of Europe, the Middle east and parts of Africa.



teleSUR's cameras in Tripoli, Libya, show the story that is being blocked, meanwhile the country is being invaded. At that moment the hegemonic media was reporting that Gaddafi was bombing his own people. However, teleSUR broadcasts from Tripoli with no evidence of bombing.

The first season of the show hosted by Piedad Córdoba, Causa Justa, is aired. This is teleSUR's first HD-produced show.



On February 4 teleSUR inaugurates new studios for news broadcasting with a custom format different from the old.

Thematic shows like Justo al medio, Atomun, Congénero, Guía tu cuerpo, Entre fronteras, are aired turning teleSUR into a multimedia platform generating information that also reaches new generations of youth and other audiences.



teleSUR changes the logo and refreshes its image aiming for something more modern and minimalist. The crystals on the new logo represent the different edges of the news and the different news broadcasts.

New correspondents report from Cairo, Beijing, Brasilia and Moscow. Moreover, teleSUR joins satellite Sat Mex6, allowing Mexico and southern states of the United States to watch the channel.



teleSUR inaugurates the English website. A professional team finally makes possible our goal of reaching the English-speaking world.



This year teleSUR celebrates its 10th anniversary of providing high quality multimedia news reports. We offer 12 hours of programs to our English-speaking audience, as well as innovative programming in our Spanish language platform. Millions of people worldwide access teleSUR with just a click of the mouse.

World-renowned media personalities such as Tariq Ali and Laura Flanders, among others, have joined our broadcast team. teleSUR's daily news show "From the South" brings you the world's top stories each day. In 2015, teleSUR takes another step forward with the inauguration of its broadcast in English.


Our Mission

teleSUR is a Latin American multimedia platform oriented to lead and promote the unification of the peoples of the SOUTH*.

We are a space and a voice for the construction of a new communications order.

Our Vision

Being a multimedia public service platform with global coverage and that produces and disseminates information from the SOUTH* for a broad base of loyal users, with a people at the center of their view.

Principles and Values

  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Social commitment
  • Social transformation
  • Creativity
  • Ethical journalism

(*) SOUTH Geopolitical concept that promotes the struggle of peoples for peace, self-determination, respect for Human Rights and Social Justice.