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The Treasury Department says several soccer teams and their promoters are under investigation for corruption and tax evasion. 

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Khadamat Rafah is set to play Balata FC in the West Bank on Wednesday but without the travel permits the game is unlikely to take place.

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The drug trafficking network’s chief was Cesar Emilio Peralta, a businessman who owns several nightclubs and entertainment centers in Santo Domingo.

Two-time Olympic gold medallis, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, clipped 200ths of a second off U.S. runner Evelyn Ashford’s Pan Am record of 22.45 seconds set in Puerto Rico in 1979.

The U.S. team leads in medals, with Mexico, Canada and Brazil close behind.

“I am the happiest guy in the world. I just won the Tour de France, and, yeah, I can’t believe it,” said Bernal.

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