Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website www.telesurtv.net


The use of the Website www.telesurtv.net (“Website”) implies a full and unreserved agreement to the terms and conditions of the user to the Terms and Conditions of Use. Through this Website the user will have access and/or will use diverse services and contents that are provided to the users by La Nueva Televisión del Sur (TV SUR, C.A.), and/or by third party providers of services and content. Telesur will have the right to deny, restrict, or condition the user’s access to the Website, totally or partially, at its full discretion, as well as to modify the Services and Content of the Website, at any moment and without the need for prior notice.
Telesur does not guarantee availability and continuity of the Website’s operation, nor its use in relation to any specific activity. Also, Telesur will not be responsible for any damages or loss of any nature that could be caused due to the lack of availability or continuity of service of the Website and/or of its services and content.

Property Rights

Telesur is the only and exclusive owner of the rights to the titles and content (including audio, photos, illustrations, graphics, videos, copies, texts, software, and other visual material), codes, data, and material of the same, the appearance and feel, the design and organization of the Website, including, additionally, the copyright, trademarks, patent rights, and any other intellectual property rights. The use of the Website does not give the user the property right over any of the content, codes, or data or material that could be accessed via this Website.

Limited Liability for the Content (“Services” and “Sections”)

Telesur will provide the user varied information via diverse “Services” and “Sections”, as they are presented in the main page or home page of the Website. The information that appears in these sections may be supplied by third parties, for which Telesur does not take responsibility for the accuracy or truthfulness of these. Declarations and concepts expressed in interviews and opinion articles are the exclusive responsibility of the authors. The events or occurrences described are merely a reference, in relation to which Telesur does not hold any responsibility for the decisions that users might adopt as a result of this information. Also, Telesur cannot be held responsible for the exactness of the timing and locations indicated in its sections, which are the exclusive responsibility of its providers.

Limited Liability for Computer Viruses (Start of Murphy’s Translation)

The Website user understands and accepts that Telesur does not guarantee in any way that the text and graphic files available for the user’s download, as provided for in this notice, will be free of viruses, Trojan horses or infecting or malicious code; the user is responsible for taking sufficient measures and conducting adequate screenings to guarantee the precision of the information downloaded from the Website, just as they are responsible for maintaining any data recovery system in the event that downloaded information is lost.


Any distribution, publication or promotion of the website, its content, codes, data or material is strictly prohibited, unless the user gives due credit to teleSUR as the source. Users can download, inform, show, publish, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, spread, transfer, and create derivative works based on the website content as long as they abide by copyright law. The user also agrees to not alter, edit, erase, remove material from, or in any way change the meaning, code, data or materials available on the Website, including, but not limited to, the alteration or removal of any commercial trademark, logo, service mark, or any other intellectual property content. Moreover, the user recognizes that they acquire no proprietary rights upon downloading any copyrighted material from the Website. If the user makes another use of such copyrighted material, of the content, code, data or materials found therein or available on the Website, except as previously stipulated, they may be in violation the copyright laws and other laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as any applicable state laws; and they may also be legally liable for said unauthorized use.

User Information

While using the Website and/or the services made available through it, the user may be asked to provide certain personal information (“User Information”). Telesur’s policies of use and collection of information with respect to the privacy of such information are laid out in Website’s Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into the Website as an all-purpose reference. The user recognizes and accepts that they are the only person responsible for the accuracy of the content of their User Information.

Submitted Materials

Unless it is specifically requested, Telesur does not require any confidential, secret, or proprietary information, or any other user material through the Website, by email, or in any other way. Any information, creative work, demonstration, ideas, suggestions, concepts, methods, systems, designed, plans, techniques or other materials that have been provided (including, but not limited to, that which the user provides or sends to our chat groups, message boards, our blogs, or email) (“Submitted Materials”) will not be considered as confidential or secret and can be used by Telesur in any way consistent with the Website’s Privacy Policy. Upon sending us “Submitted Materials,” the user: (i) represents and warrants that the Submitted Materials are their own, that no other person has any right to them, and that any right to the materials has been waived, (ii) that they grant to us the royalty-free, unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and totally transferable right and license, which can be transferred to use, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, perform, display and incorporate in other works (whole or in part) in any form, medium or technology not yet known or in development, including promotional and/or commercial purposes. Telesur cannot be responsible for retaining any Submitted Material provided by the user and can erase or destroy said Submitted Material at any time.

Use of Hyperlinks (“Links”)

As mentioned in these Terms of Use, the Website contains or could contain links to other web pages operated by natural or legal persons other than Telesur. It is reiterated that said links have been provided only and exclusively for the convenience of users. Telesur has not investigated nor is informed about the content, origin, or operation of the pages to which these links lead and, for that reason, it is not responsible for the content and procedures employed at said pages, as well as the use that third parties make of them, even if they have accessed them through the Website, as such use is at the exclusive risk of the user. Within the Website, the publication, transmission, download of or link to any vulgar, obscene, illegal or offensive material in any way is strictly prohibited, under penalty of removal from the system and subjection to applicable legal actions.


Telesur will make every effort to preserve the security and integrity of the Website, in compliance with any Conditions, Policies and Legal Terms. Nevertheless, given the complexity of the medium, Telesur is not responsible, and in this regard, the user agrees to release Telesur from any damage that may be caused to a third party, as a result of the illegal or illegitimate manipulation of Telesur’s information systems, in detriment to the confidence and/or good faith of the public user. In this regard, Telesur exhorts users to notify the Webmaster of any abnormality in the functionaing or operation of the Website.

General Exemption from Liability

The user of this Website releases Telesur from all liability for any loss, harm, expense or cost, including lawyers’ fees, that come as a result from the violation of any laws related to the Website and the General Conditions of Use, Policies and Legal Terms of same.

Non-Exercise of Rights

Inactivity on the part of Telesur in exercising of any of its rights cannot be interpreted, nor will it constitute, a waiver, partial or complete, of the legal actions to which it has a right.

Partial Invalidation

In the case that any clause of this website’s General Conditions of Use, Policies and/or Legal Terms is declared null by a Competent Authority, the rest of the Clauses will maintain their full force.


When it chooses, Telesur will be able to validly notify Website users about any topic related to the service it provides through any section of said page, via email, if it is available, or through the mailing address in Telesur’s possession.

Applicable Law

This Website’s policies and conditions of use will, in their entirety, be interpreted by the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Legal Domicile

For all legal issues resulting from the use of this Website, the domicile of the City of Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is selected, to the Jurisdiction of whose courts the parties agree to submit.