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Sudan: New Attack in the Northern Region

  • Sudanese military headquarters in Shendi. Apr. 23, 2024.

    Sudanese military headquarters in Shendi. Apr. 23, 2024. | Photo: X/@GeoPioneerInc

Published 23 April 2024

The attack on the city of Shendi in the Nile River State in northern Sudan was carried out by “4” drones that were targeting a military airport within the 3rd Division in Shendi, but the attack did not cause any losses.

The Sudanese army’s air defenses in the city of Shendi shot down today 4 drones targeting the 3rd Army Division in the city of Shendi. 

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According to the sources, the first drone targeted the vicinity of the army airstrip of the 3rd Infantry Division in the city of Shendi and did not cause any damage, while ground anti-aircraft guns also shot down two missiles. 

The drones that were shot down were Chinese-made and of the same model that targeted the city of Atbara last Ramadan. 

In the city of Shendi a state of great panic prevailed when the ground defenses of the Third Division responded to the drones. School students were expelled and shops in the market were closed. Meanwhile, cautious calm returned to the city with the widespread deployment of military vehicles in the market and central Shendi.

On April 9, a drone bombed the General Intelligence Service office in Gedaref State, eastern Sudan.

The horrific attack by a drone in a wedding hall in the city of Atbara in northern Sudan in the first week of April caused a number of deaths and injuries. The attack was carried out by a group called (Al-Baraa bin Malik), extremist Islamists from the dissolved National Congress Party. The Islamist group is fighting together with the Sudanese army against the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The move of military operations to the cities of Shendi and Atbara in the Nile River State is a dangerous indicator of the possibility of the spreading of the fighting to safe states that hosted the displaced people from areas witnessing military battles since mid-April last year.

The Nile River State, along with the Northern State, the eastern states of Kassala, Gedaref, the Red Sea, and the Blue Nile State, are among the states that have not witnessed military operations, despite the passage of about a year since the outbreak of war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces.

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