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Archaeologists Discover Frescoes on the Trojan War in Pompeii

  • One of the frescoes discovered at Pompeii.

    One of the frescoes discovered at Pompeii. | Photo: X/ @InfosFrancaises

Published 12 April 2024

"Pompeii is truly a treasure trove that never ceases to surprise and amaze us," Italian Culture Minister Sangiuliano said.

On Thursday, Pompeii Archeological Park Director Gabriel Zuchtriegel, announced the discovery of a banquet hall adorned with frescoes depicting mythological themes inspired by the Trojan War.


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"This is a refined environment in which to spend moments of conviviality, between banquets and conversations, where one can sense the high standard of living demonstrated by the spaciousness of the space, the presence of frescoes and mosaics dating back to style III, the artistic quality of the paintings, and the choice of themes," he said regarding the frescoes found in Region IX's insula 10.

"The dominant theme seems to be that of heroism, in the representations of pairs of heroes and war deities of Troy, but also of destiny and at the same time of the possibility, often not seized, that man has to change his own destiny," Zuchtriegel added.

Thanks to their excellent state of preservation, the frescoes feature the famous Helena of Troy and Paris, as well as the figure of Cassandra, daughter of Priam, paired with Apollo.

The frequent presence of mythological figures in the paintings of livable and convivial environments in Roman houses served the social function of entertaining guests and diners, providing ideas for conversation and reflection on existence.

"The hall's walls were black to prevent the smoke from the lamps from showing on the walls. Here they gathered to celebrate after dusk, the flickering light of the lamps making the images seem to move, especially after a few glasses of good Campania wine," Zuchtriegel said.

The Region IX excavation is part of a larger project to secure the perimeter between the excavated and unexcavated areas, as well as to improve the hydrogeological structure, with the aim of guaranteeing the protection of the vast Pompeiian heritage.

"Pompeii is truly a treasure trove that never ceases to surprise and amaze us because, every time we excavate, we find something beautiful and significant," Italian Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano said.

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