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Russia and China Reject Deployment of Foreign Force in Haiti

  • File photo of street riots in Haiti.

    File photo of street riots in Haiti. | Photo: Twitter/ @anadoluagency

Published 7 July 2023

"History shows that these foreign interventions have done more harm than good in Haiti," Russian Ambassador Polianski stressed.

During the last session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Russia and China were skeptical about sending a multinational military force into Haiti.


UN Chief: “Haitian People Are Trapped in a Living Nightmare”

Earlier, Haitian Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Victor Geneus renewed the request for a "robust international force," which was supported by almost all UNSC members and by guests from Caribbean countries at the session.

Taking the floor, Russian Ambassador Dmitri Polianski stressed that "although some consider a multinational force a panacea, history shows that these foreign interventions have done more harm than good in Haiti."

He also requested that UNSC members listen to other Haitian voices that are completely against foreign interventions in this Caribbean nation.

The tweet reads, "Second anniversary of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. The OFATMA flag is halfway up on Friday, July 7, 2023."

Given the veto power that Russia has, it is unlikely that the UNSC will approve the sending of a military force, which has not taken much form as no country has offered to lead it.

Chinese ambassador Zhang Jun was also very skeptical about the appropriateness of sending a military force to Haiti.

"We have heard many speeches in support of this force, but no country announcing concrete actions. For this reason, it seems that more in-depth studies are going to be necessary before arriving at a viable proposal," he said, emphasizing that Haitians must decide on their own destiny.

Previously, after returning from a short trip to Haiti, United Nations Secretary Antonio Guterres was shocked by the level of insecurity in that Caribbean country and asked the international community to act "immediately" to form a multinational force.

He said that this force would not have a political or military mission like the Blue Helmets, but would be at the service of the Haitian Police in order to restore order.

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