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Pro-Palestine Students Are Attacked by French Police

  • French legislator Sarah Legrain (C) outside Science Po University, April 26, 2024.

    French legislator Sarah Legrain (C) outside Science Po University, April 26, 2024. | Photo: X/ @S_Legrain

Published 26 April 2024

On Thursday night, the riot police entered the Science Po University to repress a peaceful rally.

On Thursday night, the Parisian police raided the Sciences Po University to evict students who were expressing their rejection of the genocide that Israel is carrying out in the Gaza Strip.


Israeli Bombings Kill 51 Palestinians in Gaza

Previously, the authorities of the Sciences Po University had requested police intervention to dissolve the protest on the Paris central campus. The student union described the decision of the university authorities to call the Police as a “shocking and deeply worrying” fact.

“The riot police entered the university to repress a peaceful rally in favor of Palestine. They threw the students to the ground and dragged them out,” political scientist Lucia de Castro denounced through social networks.

Police repression, however, failed to contain the protests as citizens gathered outside the Science Po University to demand respect from the students and express their support for the Palestinian people.

The text reads, "Free Gaza! Free Palestine! Many people at Sciences Po University."

On Friday, Rima Hassan, the candidate to the European Parliament for the Popular Union & France Insoumise, issued a vibrant message in support of the students.

"Your mobilization honors France, where Sciences Po is giving in to a discourse that makes us complicit in the genocide taking place in Gaza. I solemnly ask Sciences Po authorities to put an end to the pressure exerted on students! she said, as reported by the L'Insoumission.

Founded over 150 years ago, Sciences Po is an international research university that currently has 14,000 students and offers education in fields of humanities and social sciences.

"I am at Sciences Po supporting the students who express their solidarity with the massacred Palestinian people. A strong emotion was felt during the reading of testimonies... Our youth's humanism and thirst for justice are the honor of France! "said Sarah Legrain, a legislator from La France Insoumise.

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