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The cultural assets were handed over by the Bolivian Minister of Culture and Tourism to the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia.

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If the workshop is successful it could be repeated in other schools around Mexico City.

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These women are the first to try and break down the myths surrounding music among their people, seeing it as an opportunity to ensure that their traditions and language survive.

Rosalia was nominated in three other categories: Best New Artist, Summer Song and Best Collaboration – the last two categories also thanks to “Con Altura.”

Over 880 dancers broke the Guinness Record in Mexico for world's largest folk dance on Saturday.

The chorus was created  years ago to revitalize the Dulegaya language among children born outside the Guna Yala district - the Caribbean archipelago where they live.

Among the real situations depicted on screen is the devastation wrought by coffee leaf rust and other crop diseases, which have led many farmers to economic ruin.

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