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Both delegations agreed on the negative impact on the daily life of the Island because of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington for over half of a century.

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Four hundred years ago, a small group of English Puritans arrived in Massachusetts.

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“The one beauty about terrible times is that it wakes people up and hopefully inspires them to unify,” said the 73-year-old singer, who is considered one of the world’s most influential rock music artists.

The writer also addressed the tumultuous protests that have rocked her country, arguing that people were protesting not so much because of poverty but inequality.

One of the greatest 20th-century ballerinas, Alonso used her star power to make a sometimes elitist art form popular on her Caribbean island, forging the world's largest ballet school with a unique bravura style.

The new project, 'Google Arts & Culture', aims to make the works of art of a number of associated museums accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

The cultural assets were handed over by the Bolivian Minister of Culture and Tourism to the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia.

If the workshop is successful it could be repeated in other schools around Mexico City.

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