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The new name commemorates Cree women who lost their lives in the 19th century. Full Story

The program allows aspiring Latin American filmmakers to learn from famous directors from across the continent. Full Story

On the 40th anniversary of one of the worst mass atrocities of all time, new evidence comes to light suggesting the deaths of the 918 victims may not have been self-inflicted, as first thought.
Walt Disney created the character, with oversized ears, button nose, and all, but lost the rights to another company, prompting him to develop something new: Mickey Mouse.
Around 300 sculptures were found, very similar to the famous 8,000 terracotta warriors army.
“A draftsman and a painter," Del Paso was born in Mexico City in 1935 and from an early age, pursued his life’s passion."
Like many comic book creators before him, the “Godfather of Marvel Comics” took his inspiration from current political events and the time and place he lived.