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The current exhibition includes original paintings such as a rug with the legend "Welcome", and also replicas of famous murals, such as the pro-Palestine protester throwing flowers.

More than 6,000 indigenous people marched on Wednesday afternoon in Brasilia towards the National Congress to protest against the bills promoted by the Government that seeks to authorize mining exploitations in their territories.

The film reunites over 60 women through the DRC Movement of Survivors, who decided to create the film based on tragedies that had unfortunately happened.

Works from Argentina, Cuba, and Spain were awarded literary prizes in an array of categories in the 62nd edition of the literary contest. More than 1 600 works were received and the winners were identified among 150 finalists.

The "Feast of the Crazy," the "Las Zaragozas Dance," the "Crazy of the Candle," and the "Turns of Saint Benito" are some of elaborate expressions of Venezuelan folklore.

In a meeting postponed since 2020, the International Book Fair of Argentina announced today its return to life in person in April of next year, with Havana as the guest of honor.

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