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This edition of the event is dedicated to Vietnam and honors leading figures of the Cuban intellectual body, including Ana Cairo Ballesteros and Eugenio Hernández Espinosa.

This year during the festivities it's planned to recognize the children of the Haynesville Community, Haitian Independence, the Cuban Revolution, the President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro “as the man of the year”, and show support for We Gatherin’ Barbados 2020.

Dubbed an “art hotel,” the premises of the Walled off Hotel are located 500 meters from the Jerusalem checkpoint and face the eight-meter high Israeli wall which stretches for 700 kilometers and was erected in 2003.

The scandal first erupted in April after a media report accused the academy of inflicting physical and mental abuse on its young dancers

The platform is planning to do a similar work into cities like Valparaiso and Antofagasta, which have also been pulled into social unrest.

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