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The two boys were kidnapped by their father Abebe Oboi Ferreira, an ISIS fighter, and taken to Syria in 2014.

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The seminar will showcase Indigenous languages, emphasizing the need to conserve, revitalize, and promote them

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A 2016 Pentagon-commissioned study found that any impact on cost or military readiness from having transgender troops would be marginal, despite Trump's claims to push for the ban.

India's border security arrested 31 Rohingya refugees who were trying to flee a crackdown in India ignited by the far-right Hindu government. 

Protestors in Portugal clashed with police at a rally against racist police violence. 

Mining workers continue to die as revenues from the lucrative business rise—the government expects revenues of up to US$600 million in 2019.

Star of Melrose Place and My Name is Earl hit the headlines Sunday when she compared the Trump administration symbol "MAGA" hat to the notorious KKK white hood.

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