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Carlos Ghosn has been arrested, and subsequently fired by Nissan, after an investigation carried out by the Japanese car film revealed money laundering, Japanese news agency Jiji reported Monday. Full Story

Latin America

The National Regeneration Movement proposes that national guard members receive human rights training and are tried by civil courts.

A group of female political prisoners began a hunger strike to protest against a relocation decision taken by Colombia's Ministry of Justice.
First Boulos spoke, and then Manuela closed the second day of speeches and debates, "all of you are the fighters for an egalitarian world for all," said Manuela.
Jesus "Rey" Zambada said he personally delivered millions to Genaro Garcia Luna and another high profile security chief.
The EU Commission will report draft budget 2019, austerity measures and possibly fines are expected in Italy's near future.
A report released by the LGBTQ Victory Fund revealed 57 perfect of all LGBTQ candidates won their elections.
Countries such as Cameroon, Sudan, Egypt and Tanzania have seen increased persecution of journalists, says Africa Media Initiative (AMI).
The election had been hotly contested, with anti-Russian sentiment projected by the United States and Europe.
After his resounding victory at UFC Fight Night 140: Argentina, Ecuadorean MMA star Marlon 'Chito' Vera invited UFC President Dana White to host an event in either Quito or Guayaquil. 
French football striker Olvier Giroud, talked about homosexuality in football during an interview.
"Rest assured that I do not train less just because I think a bit," Cruz Komar responded to a fan who criticized him for highlighting Roger Waters' commitment.
On the 40th anniversary of one of the worst mass atrocities of all time, new evidence comes to light suggesting the deaths of the 918 victims may not have been self-inflicted, as first thought.
Archaeologists have found human remains and ritual vessels in an over 500-year-old Inca cemetery in Bolivia.