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The samba school parades to be held in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (southeastern Brazil) at the end of February will be postponed to April due to the current state of the covid-19 pandemic, the mayors of the two cities announced on Friday.

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Latin America

It includes members from traditional center-left organizations that did not support him in the first round of elections. Among them are militants of the Liberal and Radical parties.

She will not attend a swearing-in ceremony carried out by a Congress whose President was elected through political treason.

The Montevideo carnival has raised an unprecedented wave of rejection in social media, where most users coincide the moment was not the most appropiate.


On Friday, U.S President Joe Biden stated that there is no need for a confrontation with China, but instead, technological and economic competition.

The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced on Friday that the U.S. government would give a written reply to the Russian security guarantees proposal.

Irish Prime Minister, Micheal Martin, announced that COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place for almost two years would be lifted on Saturday.


Chinese mainland Olympians celebrated Winter Solstice with Macao people on Tuesday, wrapping up their three-day visit to the Macao Special Administrative Region.

Underneath Washington's groundless accusation against China is its intention to serve its self-interests at the expense of the athletes.

"The Winter Olympics are a great event for athletes from around the world... They are not a platform for political manipulation," Chinese diplomat Wang Wenbin said.


The "Feast of the Crazy," the "Las Zaragozas Dance," the "Crazy of the Candle," and the "Turns of Saint Benito" are some of elaborate expressions of Venezuelan folklore.

In a meeting postponed since 2020, the International Book Fair of Argentina announced today its return to life in person in April of next year, with Havana as the guest of honor.

Dozens of people attended the premiere of the documentary "Cuba's Life Task, Combating Climate Change," exhibited at the University of Glasgow as a collateral event to the Conference of the Parties (COP26).

From 1976 to 1983, al least 5,000 people were abducted, imprisoned, and tortured in one of the clandestine facilities of the Argentine Navy.

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