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Delcy Rodríguez called for unity among the Venezuelan people against the interference threats that have been leveled against the country for this Feb. 23

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Latin America

Cabello ensured the support for the Bolivarian and Chavista revolution, "this country will always be loyal to Chavez! "

Two days of questioning in Brazil, Peru prosecutors find out the Brazilian construction company paid at least US$45 million for just one major highway contract. 

Brazil’s Senate approved a bill that would ban child marriage in the country. South America and the Caribbean have one of the highest rates of child marriages.

The trespassers were preventing the head of the diplomatic delegation from entering the embassy's building. 


"The statue and her body as used as a metaphor for winning the war over Germany In summary: it’s gross," Game Designer Jennifer Scheurle tweeted.

Public educators decided to keep fighting to ensure that the Republicans do not resuscitate their privatization scheme.

Shamima Begum, a British teenager and the wife of suspected IS Group fighter, was stripped of her citizenship raising criticisms from various sections of society.

An arms race may be imminent between Washington and Moscow with the death of Cold-war era arms control treaty. 



Young players, from one of Brazil's most popular football teams, are among the victims.

Following Iran's Asian Cup semi-final loss to Japan, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz stepped-down from "Team Melli." The former Manchester United assistant coach is set to be unveiled as Technical Director of the Colombian national team. 


"Marighella, (was a) black, revolutionary, (who) was assassinated by State forces in 1969 in his car and, 50 years later, a black counselor died the same way at the hands, most likley, of agents of the State," said Moura making a reference to Marielle Franco.

The Ainu people have long been repressed by a forced-assimilation policy which has resulted in significant income and education gaps.

A group of actresses allegedly planned to ask that Roma star Yalitza Aparicio be excluded from the Ariel awards.

The 2019 book fair will be in Havana until Feb. 17, before embarking on a fifteen-city tour throughout the country.

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