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"We are determined to continue our operations to ensure the safety of our country, our nation, and our Idlib brothers," he said.

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Latin America

The Police do not rule out the possibility that the incident was an intentional attack with political motivations.

According to Merlano, businessman Julio Gerlein and the Char family bought votes that favored Duque to win the presidency.

The Chilean president's approval rating fell by one point from the last survey published on 14 February to 12 percent.

Protesters from different social classes and sectors have said they will continue to demonstrate as long as necessary.


Bloomberg's campaign, which has already spent over US$500 million on media ad buys, have been discussing how they will use the billionaire plutocrat's ​​​​​​​ resources against Sanders.​​​​​​​

The move came as wild animals are largely believed to be the source of the novel coronavirus.


Previously, in 2004, the Russian Tatyana Lebedeva set the triple jump indoor world record at 15,36 meters.

The deer has long been associated in Brazil with homosexuality and many teams and players prefer not to use the 24 shirt to avoid abuse or innuendo.

Bryant played for 20 years with Los Angeles Lakers, where he got five NBA rings.

Since its creation in 1989, the Palestinian Cultural School of Wing Chun Kung Fu has witnessed an increasing number of participants in the past few years.


"You can rape a woman in many ways, either by throwing her into the basement or suggesting she dress in a certain way," the fashion mogul stated at Milan's Fashion week.

The project, called Carnival 4.0,  will see robots distribute drum sticks to the drummers, who often break them in their exuberance.

The film is a tale of two South Korean families - the wealthy Parks and the poor Kims - mirroring the deepening inequality in Asia’s fourth-largest economy.

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