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In the early hours of this Wednesday several leaders and prime ministers of the region will arrive in the Venezuelan capital to take part in the summit.

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Latin America

The attack occurred Thursday, after two different gangs invaded the organization’s compound, attacking employees and stealing the organization’s vehicles.

Incomprehensible, police violence against a mobilization was peaceful, did not include street cuts and allowed the normal flow of traffic.

The peaceful march was planned to be in front of the Israeli Consulate in the country, which is linked at Harbour Road.

The City Hall was negligent in maintaining the pumping stations and the urban drainage system.


The Palestinian presidency reiterated “the need to oblige Israel to stop its aggression against our people everywhere, in Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.”

The Spanish Chancellery still does not know what the measure adopted by Tel Aviv means or whether it has practical implementation.

Some countries have seen cases rise as they wrestle with severe droughts and people rely on less safe water sources in their desperation.

"Finance can serve to defend our common interests against private greed for profit," they said.


The celebration is a tribute to the armed and anti-slavery rebellion, in favor of equality that the Zambian José Leonardo Chirino undertook, according to its organizers.

The modification of the Institute's structure involves the elimination of operational units at various levels.

In next articles there will be more Latin American literature recommendations.

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