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The diplomat recalled that Washington's aggressiveness is part of the application of its economic, commercial and financial blockade.

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The Treasury Department says several soccer teams and their promoters are under investigation for corruption and tax evasion. 

Khadamat Rafah is set to play Balata FC in the West Bank on Wednesday but without the travel permits the game is unlikely to take place.

Infantino said he originally came up with the idea in 2017 and the plan had received “big, big support” from football officials across the world.

"You need to identify those responsible and throw them out of the stadiums. You can't be afraid to condemn racists," FIFA's president said. 


The cultural assets were handed over by the Bolivian Minister of Culture and Tourism to the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia.

Almost two thousand pieces from the Achaemenid Empire are on display in Iran’s National Museum.

These women are the first to try and break down the myths surrounding music among their people, seeing it as an opportunity to ensure that their traditions and language survive.

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