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Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Bolivia say the U.S. foreign policy of unilateralism is destabilizing world peace, they call for dialogue among many nations.

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Latin America

Thousands of asylum seekers, mainly from Central America, are streaming into Nuevo Laredo in northern Mexico to await their U.S. hearing after being forced to leave.

Ex-Secretary Dennise Perez was called “corrupt” in front of her son for being associated with Rossello’s government. This was her limit.

Mexico's environmental agency shut down a part of Grupo Mexico's Guaymas plant after a faulty valve spilled over 3,000 liters of sulfuric acid into the Sea of Cortez.

Ash and gas surged from Ubina volcano’s mouth, spreading to both the east and southeast parts of the country, the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) reported.


U.S. Senators say the US$4.5 billion approved for the border region must go to 'humanitarian' purposes.

Some 8,000 people gathered together, prepared to clash with the 500 Die Rechte members expected to rally. However, none of the alt-right protesters ever arrived.


The U.S. women’s football team is the most successful team in women’s football history, winning World Cup titles in 1991, 1999, 2015, and 2019.

The match was highly anticipated as the Brazilian national team had strolled through the first stages scoring 13 goals and finally only receiving one against by Peru in the final.

Multiple women posted screenshots and testimonies of Warda's alleged lewd comments, as well as explicit videos attributed to the player.

Tesillo, confirmed the threats when he arrived in Colombia, just adding "we have faith in God." 


Clegg was one of the first white artists to challenge the laws that prohibited mixed-race performances in South Africa, under the apartheid regime.

A loan of US$22.5 million from the French Development Agency will fund the new museum and aims to make the 47 hectare UNESCO World Heritage Site more attractive for visitors.

Brooklyn prosecutors urged that Kelly be held without bond on the federal charges while they seek to have him sent to New York for a yet-to-be-scheduled hearing.

The number of Spanish speakers is increasing within both the United States and European countries.

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