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Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala founded "Mexico Libre," a new conservative political force to oppose Lopez Obrador.

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Piñera's government pretended to veto a law that would ban the industrial fishing of Jibia, but might backtrack after mobilizations.

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While the so-called Lima Group and the U.S. refused to recognize Maduro's new mandate, many progressive governments and international organizations have shown support and solidarity to Maduro.

Venezuelan Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said the group seeks to generate violence during opposition protests on Jan. 23 and thus justify international interference.

This Sunday, the president will participate in his party's primary for members of the governing Movement to Socialism (MAS) party to endorse his candidacy.

Demanding an increase in wage and compensation bonus, almost 40,000 factory workers stopped working in around 50 factories in Matamoros, Mexico. 

The Oscars, the highest honors in the movie industry, will be handed out in Hollywood on Feb. 24.

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