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AMLO says he favors hold a national consultation to evaluate the decriminalization of some drugs, specifically medicinal ones. 

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The Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) commemorated the death of poet Rigoberto Lopez Perez who killed Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza Garcia 63 years ago.

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In an interview, Joseph Stiglitz called president Mauricio Macri's economic policy in Argentina a “failed bet” held by a “blind” international community ruled by “outdated models.”

Venezuelans marched in support of the #NoMoreTrump campaign that began in August against illegal U.S. sanctions on the oil-rich South American country.

Judge orders former president Cristina Fernandez to trial over allegations based on notebook entries just as she and Alberto Fernandez are ahead in the presidential polls.

Agatha Felix was traveling towards her home when she was hit by a bullet fired by a "Pacifying Police" officer.

Several ways to evade business obligations will take effect in the name of creating 3.7 million jobs over the next decade.

"We want the President of the Republic to veto the norm that prevents abortion in cases of rape because we want to stop forcing women and girls to give birth to children conceived with violence."

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