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Teachers will return to work according to a plan created by educational authorities to make up for the missed lessons since the strike began June 3.

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The Panamanian government kicks of 'Save Your Life' campaign to lower childhood obesity index that the entire region suffers.

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Mexico's President asked the International Monetary Find to practice self-criticism as a way of discovering how much damage its policies have caused.

Cuba's health system is in an all-time high as the country has nine doctors per 1000 citizens and more than 485,000 health professionals working in the National Health System. 

Elsewhere in the region, Cuba has the highest number of women in parliament with 53.2 percent. Brazil has the lowest rate of female participation, with just 11.3 percent of lawmakers being women.

Colombia faces a number of issues in child welfare, abuse and malnutrition are among the most urgent. 

Sabotage to the country 's main power generator has triggered a failure in the national electrical system on Monday.

El Valle, Caricuao, Catia, San Martin, La Pastora, Valle Coche are some the areas where the electric service has been restored, according to teleSUR’s correspondents in the country’s capital. 

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