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“No, I’m not scared. They’re the ones who are scared,” Aldana told Reuters in an interview in El Salvador, where she had previously scheduled activities. “When I go back to Guatemala... I’ll do it with complete calm, I’ll do it without a single problem.”

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South-South cooperation aligns its objectives with the 2030 agenda to combat poverty and inequalities.

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The reason is due to elections are also being held in Argentina and Uruguay on Oct. 27, and the Bolivian government wants to guarantee the right to vote for citizens residing in those countries.

The Ecuadorian Constitution of 2008 says in article 117 that "it is prohibited to carry out legal reforms in electoral matters during the year prior to the holding of elections."

An investigation proved police were behind the shooting, tampered with evidence, and planted weapons at the scene to back their claims.

People are demanding justice for murdered Indigenous leader from Costa Rica. 

The "Occupy Bogota" demonstration demands that the Colombian educational project be reviewed.

The new sanctions aim to block state mining assets and prohibit U.S citizens from dealing with the company.

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