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A team of over 150 British and Chinese scientists found that: Beijing's air quality​ improved dramatically in the last few years, owing to the emission reductions following the implementation of clean air actions.

The frequency of natural disasters, including yellow dust storms, has increased significantly in Mongolia in recent years. What is the main factor behind it? Let's hear what Mongolian officials and experts from other countries say.

China's FAST telescope, the world's largest filled-aperture radio telescope, is now open to astronomers worldwide. Find out how it may bolster global astronomical research.

The application that popularized live broadcasts from cell phones has ceased to exist, just six years after its purchase and launch by Twitter to overshadow Meerkat, the first app to explore this field and which ended up being eclipsed by Periscope to the point that it had to reorient its business and abandon live broadcasting.

Thai Deputy PM and Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul have received their second shot of China's Sinovac vaccine, reaffirming the vaccine's safety afterward.

The U.S. top specialist on epidemiology, Dr. Anthony Fauci, considers the Russian COVID-19 vaccine quite effective. 

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