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The Russian independent company, Federal Agency of News, has sued Facebook claiming it was improperly swept-up in a purge of accounts. Full Story

The endangered eel species has fallen by 90 percent over the last thirty years, animal conservationists say. Full Story

One day, when nature calls, your urine could be put to better use than to be flushed down the loo: instead, it could be a key ingredient in the construction of a greener office or new home.
Despite the construction of 115 state clinics, statistics report that roughly 80,000 Pakistanis die annually from diabetes.
The crater was left by a meteor that slammed into the earth at an incredible 20 km per second roughly 13,000 years ago.
Among the artifacts unearthed are walls, clay, marble or stone floors of buildings, household pottery, a gaming die made from bone and over 200 coins.
A daily intake of three to four cups of coffee showed a notable decrease in prediabetic symptoms in both men and women.