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The Essequibo Law to Protect Venezuela From Imperialism: Maduro

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, March 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, March 2024. | Photo: X/ @ConElMazoDando

Published 26 March 2024

"I long for the day when I can put my signature on the law for the recovery of the Essequibo territory," President Nicolas Maduro said.

During a television program broadcasted by teleSUR on Monday, President Nicolas Maduro confirmed that he will issue several decrees to strengthen Venezuelan territorial integrity once the Law for the Defense of Guayana Esequiba comes into force.


Venezuelan Congress Approves Law for the Defense of Essequibo

On March 21, the National Assembly unanimously approved this law and sent it to the Supreme Court to verify its constitutionality since it is an organic law. Subsequently, the law must be sent to the Presidency of the Republic for signature and entry into force.

"As soon as that happens, we will issue decrees to strengthen our country's struggle for the recovery of the Guayana Esequiba, which is part of the Venezuelan territory," Maduro said and recalled that the Liberator Simon Bolivar consolidated the Great Guyana as part of Venezuela during the process of independence from the Spanish crown in the 19th century.

The Venezuelan president also referred to what is happening in the Essequibo due to the arbitrary actions carried out by Guyana and the United States.

"A series of provocations have been mounted from that territory. Guyana has allowed the entry of the U.S. SouthCom and the CIA to establish secret bases. Guyana allows pollution and destruction of nature in that territory. There is no law in the Essequibo," he said.

"Sooner rather than later, we will recover the Essequibo... That struggle is in our hands, consciousness, and permanent presence. I long for the day when I can put my signature on the law for the recovery of the Essequibo territory."

Currently de facto administered by Guyana, the Essequibo is a jungle region of 160,000 square kilometers that is rich in natural resources such as oil and minerals. For over a century, this territory has remained under dispute between Venezuela and Guyana.

Through a plebiscite held in December 2023, Venezuelans approved specific measures for the defense of that territory. In line with this, the law creates the state of "Guayana Esequiba," which will be ruled by a governor appointed through elections.

The Venezuelan National Assembly also determined that elected officials in the Guayana Esequiba cannot be citizens who have adopted behaviors that directly or indirectly favor or support Guyana's position to the detriment of Venezuela's claims over the Essequibo.

The law for the defense of the Guayana Esequiba also declares the nullity of the Paris Arbitration Award, a document whereby Guyana seeks to legitimize the seizure of the Essequibo.

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