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Israel Freed 39 Palestinians Prisoners and Hamas 13 Israeli Captives

  • Israel Freed 39 Palestinians Prisoners and Hamas 13 Israeli Captives

    | Photo: 20 Minutos

Published 25 November 2023

At least Hamas will free 50 Israeli hostages and Israel 150 Palestinians.

After a seven hours delay the Palestian group handed over 13 Israeli hostages and 4 Thai citizens as part of the agreements between both armed forces as well Israel freed 39 Palestinians prisoners from its jails.


Day two of truce in Gaza: Aid Assistance And More Palestians Freed

Israeli and Thais freed today will be taken to different hospitals in Tel-Aviv for receiving first medical aid and psychological support said Israeli authorities.

Yesterday Israel freed 39 Palestinians prisoners and hamas 24 Israelis in the first of a four-days truce reached with the meadiation of Egypt and Qatar.

The ceasefire, which will last four days and could be extended to ten if Hamas hands over more Israeli captives, will also serve for the entry of humanitarian aid to the enclave.

Is scheduled that Israel free 150 prisoners at least and Hamas 50 hostages, all of them women and children.

The today's prissoners and captives release was delayed by Hamas, who said that Israel violated the truce pact for deny the more aid supplies entrancy in the North of the Gaza Strip.

Some personalities in world politics have been optimistic that the truce can be extended, while citizens and governments of several countries continue to condemn the more than 15,000 Palestinians murdered by Israel and call for a definitive ceasefire.

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