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Day two of truce in Gaza: Aid Assistance And More Palestians Freed

  • More than 39 Palestinians prisoners will be realesed this Sunday

    More than 39 Palestinians prisoners will be realesed this Sunday | Photo: @teleSURtv

Published 25 November 2023

This Saturday more Palestinians prisoners will be freed, meanwhile more aid entered to the city and food prices increased on the four-days truce.

As parte of the four day-truce pacted between Israel and Hamas, this Saturday more Palestinians prisoners and Israeli hostages will be freed, also more than 137 aid trucks entered in the besieged city.


Hamas Starts to Transfer 13 Israeli Hostages to Egypt

Some reports say that 39 and others indicate that 42  Palestinians will be realesed from Israel's prisons today, and 13 Israeli captivity in Gaza will be freed, as 10 Thais and one Filipino that soon will travel to their countries.

The United Nations says that 2.2 millions need food assistance in the Strip, also the UN reported 44 000 diarrhoea cases and 70 000 of respiratory infections.

Palestine Red Crescen Society (PRCS) said on its social media that they have being carrying the largest humanitarian help into the city with 61 truck of aid assistance. The trucks delivered food, cooking gas, water and other items and medical supplies, highlighted the organization on X.

As well this Saturday the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said that  the elementary items and food prices are increased at a time that Palestinians rush to buy in the middle of the four days ceasfire.

Food and beverage prices increased by 10 percent, vegetable prices increased by 32 percent, wheat flour cost 65 percent more, and the drinking water prices increased by 100 percent.

Since the beginning of conflict scalation more than 15 000 Palestinians have been killed by Zionist occupation in Gaza. The UN says that each 30 minutes a woman dies in Gaza, and each 10 a child is killed.

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