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Latin America

"An example of the entire cultural world, we will remember him for his generosity and consistency," Federal Secretary of Culture Alejandra Frausto tweeted.

14,400 candidates from 107 political and Indigenous organizations have been registered to contest the parliamentary elections.

Rescue workers continue the search for more victims among the rubble.

The decision comes after the U.S. Departemt of the Treasury decided to eliminate the scope of certain general authorizations related to bank transfers to the island.


The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration will create facilities in seven locations between three islands. This as current shelters are overcrowded and authorities report that until last November 16, over 16.800 people had arrived.

According to reports, the United Nations has warned that millions of Yemenis face a looming famine due to a massive shortfall in humanitarian aid funding, describing war-torn Yemen as the world's most massive humanitarian crisis, 80 percent of the country's 29 million people in need of help.


Diego Maradona's lawyer announced today the former football player's release from the clinic where he was recovering. The world-renowned football player was operated on last November 3rd of subdural edema and will maintain an ambulatory medical treatment.

Diego Armando Maradona, Argentina's world-famous soccer star, has successfully undergone an emergency head surgery after doctors discovered a subdural hematoma.

The ex-player made the announcement on social media and will quarantine in Belo Horizonte.

The UEFA Executive Committee said it would ask football authorities of both countries to propose alternative venues.


The international ballet festival in Cali, Colombia celebrates the life and legacy of Cuba's prima ballerina assoluta, Alicia Alonso (1920-2019) in the context of the hundreth anniversary of her birth this year. 

Artists raised their voices against the U.S. blockade while paying tribute to Cuban doctors fighting against COVID-19 internationally.

Other commercial and investment events could be developed online authorities say.

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