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On Wednesday, Salvatierra said she is willing to install the parliamentary session and assume the presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

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Latin America

The report noted that Haiti proportionally suffers far more hunger than any other country in the region, almost half the population (49.3 percent).

Luciano Galup, director of the Menta Communication consultancy,  denounced that there were thousands of messages against the figure of Evo Morales from accounts that had almost no followers.

The announcement came as at least two million Chileans across the country joined Tuesday’s General Strike in the biggest demonstration since the beginning of the anti-neoliberalism protests.  

Meanwhile, thousands of Bolivians are still demonstrating against the coup, which was orchestrated by opposition leaders Luis Fernando Camacho and Carlos Mesa.


Gaza's health ministry accused the Israeli military of using disproportionate force, citing the scorched and torn bodies of several victims.

The proposal comes as an ongoing bid to curve applications and migration mostly from Central America since the Trump administration seeks to discourage and make asylum claims and cases more difficult. 

Fights broke out on Wednesday in the predominantly Christian area of Jal al-Dib near Beirut, where protesters faced off with other people including Aoun supporters angered by roadblocks, footage broadcast by the LBC television channel showed.

Activists demanding freedom for political prisoners blocked the  motorway connecting Catalonia and France.


Last year, letters from Palestine, as well as a huge social media campaign and actions on the ground in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, convinced Argentina to cancel a friendly match planned in Jerusalem.

The Brescia football player stopped the game when he picked the ball up and volleyed it into the offending section of the stadium, while his team-mates, Verona players and officials convinced him not to leave the field before referee Maurizio Mariani initiated the anti-racism protocol.

England thrashed Bulgaria 6-0 to hand them their heaviest ever home defeat as the match was marred by a section of home supporters taunting the visiting players with Nazi salutes and monkey chants.

The Treasury Department says several soccer teams and their promoters are under investigation for corruption and tax evasion. 


The writer also addressed the tumultuous protests that have rocked her country, arguing that people were protesting not so much because of poverty but inequality.

One of the greatest 20th-century ballerinas, Alonso used her star power to make a sometimes elitist art form popular on her Caribbean island, forging the world's largest ballet school with a unique bravura style.

The new project, 'Google Arts & Culture', aims to make the works of art of a number of associated museums accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

The cultural assets were handed over by the Bolivian Minister of Culture and Tourism to the Peruvian ambassador to Bolivia.

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