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President Maduro proposes the immediate lifting of all sanctions against Venezuela, the recognition of all legitimate authorities in Venezuela, and the renunciation of all forms of violence and conspiracy by the opposition.

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Latin America

"When the special conditions that diplomatic officials have are not respected, we are then in a vulnerable situation for the sovereignty of Venezuela," an activist said.

The assassinations took part in the Choco and Caqueta departments, where there is an increase in violence and displacements amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"An indispensable director in the history of Mexican cinema, a storyteller who defended just cause, he inspired several generations," The Secretary of Culture noted.

The decision comes following the extradition of diplomat and member of the delegation Alex Saab to the U.S by Cape Verde authorities on Saturday.


Conservative lawmaker David Amess died after being stabbed during a meeting with electors in eastern England. So far, a 25-year-old man is suspect of the crime.

"The fight against hunger requires overcoming the cold logic of the market, avidly focused on mere economic profit and the reduction of food to just another commodity," The head of the Catholic Church said.

Almost two months after the collapse of the former Western-backed government and the Taliban rebel forces' occupation of Kabul, the new administration is pushing to build relationships with other nations and avoid a catastrophic economic crisis.

The Biden administration will reinstate the Trump-era policy known as Remain in Mexico, the president announced Friday, which forced over 70,000 asylum seekers to stay in Mexico for extended periods in dangerous conditions while they waited for their cases to be considered U.S. courts.


"Since their arrival in the Venezuelan sovereign airspace, the outstanding pilots of the Bolivarian Military Aviation greeted and escorted the victorious Paralympic delegation," President Maduro pointed out.

The Cuban athlete Omara Durand and the Venezuelan Linda Perez and Lisbeli Vera got gold medals.

On Thursday, China outnumbered Australia with three gold medals in weightlifting, wheelchair fencing, and swimming.


The National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) will participate in the "Danza Solidaria" Encounter of Bolivarian and Caribbean Countries, an event that unites 15 Latin American companies through the art of movement.

Casa de las Américas and the Research Center of International Policy (CIPI) will convene the III Seminar on Studies on Native American, Afro-descendant and Latino Communities in the United States to be held, through digital platforms, from November 17th – 19th, 2021.

The bolero as a musical genre was born in the city of Santiago de Cuba in 1883 and spread throughout the entire country, becoming an elegant poetic-musical expression of Cuban songwriting, and "Tristezas" by José "Pepe" Sánchez is known as the first bolero in history.

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