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Venezuela Starts Audits To Check Automated Voting System

  • Machine that verifies voter's biometric data, Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 2020.

    Machine that verifies voter's biometric data, Caracas, Venezuela, Oct. 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @Elperiodiquito

Published 27 October 2020

The audits will guarantee compliance with regulations aimed at ensuring the right to vote.

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) Monday started the first phase of a data audit process to check the transparency and reliability of the automated voting system that will be used in the legislative elections on December 6.


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With this first audit, the CNE sought to certify the voters' fingerprint database of the electoral register to guarantee the non-duplication of records.

The audit's technical manager Hernan Sorrell assured the voting system uses a high-quality database and mentioned that 96.3 percent of the fingerprints have been checked.

After the audit, representatives of several political organizations signed a document of compliance as part of an oversight process that will extend until next October 30.

Authorities will perform a total of 16 audits during the entire electoral process to certify the safe, accurate, and efficient operation of the voting system's components and equipment.

CNE Director Tania D'Amelio pointed out that the auditable nature of each stage of the electoral process intends to transmit confidence to voters and political organizations and to show the total transparency of the procedures.

Over 20,700,000 citizens are called to the polls on December 6 in a process marked by the nomination of 14,000 candidates who represent over 100 political organizations.

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