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Venezuelan President Attends National Youth Congress

  • President Nicolas Maduro (C), March 14, 2023.

    President Nicolas Maduro (C), March 14, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @PresidencialVen

Published 15 March 2023

During this event, Nicolas Maduro reflected on the challenges facing Venezuelan youth as a result of the U.S. arbitrary sanctions.

On Tuesday, President Nicolas Maduro attended the National Youth Congress to learn about the progress on the creation of the Great Venezuela Youth Mission (GMJV).


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“This congress is for young people. This is not a congress of a political party. It goes beyond a political party. It is a colorful congress of diversity," he said to highlight that over 1,100 participants embody all the youth of Venezuela.

“While you are here, you must feel like Venezuela. No matter where you come from, you are the youth that represents the entire and beloved homeland," the Bolivarian leader emphasized.

"You have done an extraordinary job and I congratulate you. That is why young Venezuelans are a golden, brilliant and beautiful generation."

President Maduro also reflected on the challenges facing Venezuelan youth as a result of the arbitrary sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.

In this context, he invited young people not to see the government "as something strange" and to become a force that allows them to govern "with the youth and for the youth."

"I want to empower the youth and I put my effort into it," the Bolivarian leader said, stressing the importance of what the youth represent for the construction of a sovereign nation.

Maduro also invited young people to use social networks to "win the battle for truth, life, and the homeland." In this sense, he called for building "the most powerful multidimensional platform" so that the Venezuelan youth "will be respected in the networks with their truth.

During the congress, Grecia Colmenares, the youth secretary of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV), presented the proposals arising from the debates held in the territorial and sectoral assemblies, in which over 30,000 young people participated.

These debates were carried out through work groups on topics such as education, science and technology, culture, recreation, and social protection.

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