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Israeli Air Base Struck by Hezbollah Missile

  • Rockets launched by Hezbollah towards Israel's Meron base, Feb. 2024.

    Rockets launched by Hezbollah towards Israel's Meron base, Feb. 2024. | Photo: X/ @drjknanda

Published 28 February 2024

Since the offensive against Gaza began, the Zionist army has murdered 320 people in Lebanon.

On Tuesday, the Israeli army acknowledged that an anti-tank missile launched by Hezbollah militants in Lebanon hit an air base in northern Israel on Monday night.


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A barrage of approximately 20 launches were launched from Lebanon into northern Israel. Some of them were intercepted by Israeli air defense forces while the rest fell on open fields.

An anti-tank missile hit an air base in the Meron region of the Galilee. The base's air control unit, however, was not damaged.

Meanwhile, Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said its fighters carried out several military operations against Israeli targets, including the Meron base for command, control, and air surveillance with a batch of missiles, as well as the Israeli military sites of Al-Marj, Ramtha, and Ruwaisat Al-Alam.

Hezbollah also indicated that the group began using new weapons in its battles with the Israeli army, including Falaq One, Falaq Two, and Almas surface-to-surface missiles.

In addition, Lebanese military sources said that Hezbollah launched the biggest number of surface-to-surface missiles from southern Lebanon toward northern Israel since the outbreak of confrontations on Lebanon-Israel borders on Oct. 8, 2023.

Their military and security centers, deployed along the borderline with Israel, detected the launching of about 200 surface-to-surface missiles from several unspecified locations in southern Lebanon to northern Israel. The Israeli Iron Dome intercepted only a small amount of them, not exceeding 30 missiles.

The Lebanon-Israel border has been witnessing increased tension since Oct. 8, 2023, after Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets toward Israel in support of the Palestinian people. 

Since that date, the Zionist army has murdered 320 Lebanese, including 216 Hezbollah members and 59 civilians.

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