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Bolivian Court Releases 24 Arrested During 2019 Senkata Conflicts

  • Cabildo in Senkata, El Alto follwing the Senkata massacre. December 20, 2019.

    Cabildo in Senkata, El Alto follwing the Senkata massacre. December 20, 2019. | Photo: Twitter / @FreddyteleSUR

Published 20 December 2020

The 24 were arrested on November 11, 2019 during anti-coup protests, eight days before the Senkata massacre.

A Bolivian has granted the release to 24 people detained during the November 2019 anti-coup protests in the Senkata district of the Indigenous city of El Alto.


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The Prosecutor's Office found no evidence to support the claim and Justice determined the release, reported the representative of the Human Rights Assembly of El Alto, David Inca.

“A total of 24 people have been deprived of liberty since November 11. The charges have been terrorism, sedition, criminal organization, criminal association, but none of these crimes have been proven by the Prosecutor's Office,” he explained.

They were arrested on November 11, 2019 amid protests in Senkata in defense of the government of President Evo Morales. The area was further militarized on the order of the US-backed coup regime of Jeanine Áñez and Arturo Murillo following her self-swearing in.

Those mobilized blocked the entrance to the Senkata gas distribution plant in order to prevent the transit of the supply of fuel to La Paz.

Eight days later, the military and police laid seige on the protest and blockade, resulting in the November 19th Senkata massacre during which 11 unarmed civilians died of gunshot wounds after being shot by security forces. Dozens more were injured, many buy gunshot wound.

The group of detainees believe they were rounded up on political grounds and say they are innocent of the charges laid against them.

The judge granted the release on the condition that the detainees not change their home address, and if they do, they must notify the courts. The group continues to call for total acquittal given all that they’ve been through during their year of imprisonment.

Earlier in the week, President Luis Arce said that crimes like those committed under the Añez regime should never be repeated, and that the military must never betray the Bolivian people, the state or democracy again. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor is investigating both the Senkata and Sacaba Massacres.

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