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Venezuelans March in Support of Anti-Corruption Policy

  • Anti-corruption march in Caracas, Venezuela, March 25, 2023,

    Anti-corruption march in Caracas, Venezuela, March 25, 2023, | Photo: Twitter/ @RNVinformativa

Published 26 March 2023

"With their support, we join forces to continue the fight for true justice,” President Maduro tweeted.

On Saturday, thousands of Venezuelans marched in support of the anti-corruption policies undertaken by President Nicolas Maduro, who leads investigations into irregularities discovered in Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and other public institutions.


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"The honest ones are more" and "Maduro, hit the corrupt hard" were some of the phrases on the signs that people carried while walking from Carabobo Square to the PDVSA headquarters in Caracas.

"Here we are giving our support to the President of the Republic... Let no corrupt be spared because they harm the people," Caracas Mayor Carmen Melendez said.

"The revolution assumes and takes the lead in the fight against corruption undertaken by Nicolas Maduro," stressed United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) vice president Pedro Infante.

The tweet reads, "Today, March 25, the 'Venezuela Marches Against Corruption' rally took place in support of President Nicolas Maduro and his great, exemplary fight against corruption. Jail for the corrupt."

Through social networks, Venezuelan President Maduro greeted the citizens who participated in the march in support of anti-corruption policies.

“A big hug to Venezuelans who marched in support of the iron battle against corruption. With their support, we join forces to continue the fight for true justice, with Bolivarian ethics and morality”, he tweeted, urging the population to actively denounce any act of corruption.

On Saturday, Prosecutor Tarek William Saab offered details about the capture of 10 senior officials, 11 businessmen, three judges, and a mayor linked to the corruption networks discovered in PDVSA and the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives (SUNACRIP).

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