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Venezuelan Socialists Ratify President Maduro as Candidate

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. | Photo: X/ @VENPRENSA

Published 11 March 2024

Venezuelan political organizations will be able to nominate candidates from March 21 to 25.

On Sunday, the grassroots structures of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) held assemblies across the country to determine who will be their candidate for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for July 28.


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Over 15,800 grassroots assemblies participated in the decision and chose President Nicolas Maduro as their representative for the next presidential race, reported PSUV Vice President Pedro Infante.

"Let's maintain the effort so that our bases can express themselves. They are the true protagonists of this great day of true democracy," he said.

"Let's continue moving forward with strong communication on social networks. We will prevail!" he added, recalling that Saturday's assemblies were preceded by over 240,000 street assemblies and 46,638 community assemblies.

Through his account on the social network X, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked socialist militants for choosing him as their presidential candidate.

"Look at how the organized, conscious, and empowered people carry out the consultation, debate, and nomination assemblies of the PSUV presidential candidate," he said, stressing that Bolivarian militants will continue to build a prosperous future for Venezuela.

Once the consultation process among grassroots militants is concluded, the PSUV Congress will formally announce Nicolas Maduro as its presidential candidate on March 15.

According to the schedule established by the National Electoral Council (CNE), Venezuelan political parties will be able to nominate candidates from March 21 to 25, and the electoral campaign can take place from July 4 to 25.

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