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Venezuelan President Rejects Milei's Request for Sanctions

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C), April 4, 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C), April 4, 2024. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 5 April 2024

Fascism came to power with Javier Milei's rise to the presidency of Argentina, the Bolivarian leader said.

On Thursday, President Nicolas Maduro rejected the intentions of Argentine President Javier Milei to promote international sanctions against Venezuela.


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The Bolivarian leader pointed out that Zionism, which he equated to the new fascism, came to power with Milei's rise to office.

"Milei says he will lead a crusade to have Venezuela sanctioned, surrounded, and beaten. From Caracas' neighborhoods, I say to Milei, 'You and how many others? Milei, look at yourself in Bolsonaro's mirror. Look at yourself in Macri's mirror. Anyone who messes with Venezuela, dries up," he asserted.

Previously, during an interview broadcast by CNN on March 30, the far-right Argentine politician stated that he would have no problem adopting diplomatic sanctions against Venezuela, adding that he would even be willing to convince other countries to do the same.

During the latest edition of the Maduro Podcast, the Bolivarian leader also remembered Diego Maradona, an Argentine footballer known for his progressive political stances and support for Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine, and other peoples assaulted by imperialism.

"I have a theory about Maradona's death. I believe they killed Maradona... I spoke to him on his birthday before his death and I said, 'Diego, come to Venezuela. We'll take care of you. I'm worried about you," Maduro said.

"Diego, take care of yourself. There are very bad and fascist people. They know you are the voice of the people's rebellion, the one who says what no one dares to say in Argentina and in the world," he added.

"It was an operation to end the symbols of the Argentine rebellious... They wanted to kill Diego and later Cristina Fernandez. By killing them, Argentina would be left without deep, impactful voices. That was the plan for fascism to arrive," the Venezuelan president said, ensuring that someday the truth will come to light.


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