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ALBA Movements Demand Respect for the Venezuelan Elections

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 2024. | Photo: ALBA Movements.

Published 3 April 2024

Accusations against the electoral system are nothing more than attempts by Washington to intervene in Venezuela, they stressed.

In response to attempts at US interference in Venezuelan political processes, the Continental Articulation of Social and Popular Movements Towards ALBA issued a strong endorsement of the presidential elections to be held on July 28 in the South American country. Below is the full text of the ALBA Movements statement.


Social Organizations Support the Venezuelan Electoral Process

"Our America’s Social and Popular Movements ratify our support for the presidential elections to be held on July 28th in Venezuela, as a sign of the democratic vitality of the Bolivarian revolution and the right to sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people to celebrate their electoral process free from the interference of the U.S. empire.

We have visited the homeland of Bolivar and Chavez on several occasions, and we have seen the functioning of its electoral system first-hand, which, like few others in the world, with its mechanisms of verification and transparency, guarantees accurate results.

Unlike other democratic Latin American and Caribbean countries, Venezuela has put its electoral system to the test on more than 27 occasions in just 25 years, with the holding of presidential, municipal, and regional elections, referendums and consultations, such as the one that will take place on April 21 in over 4,500 communes throughout the country.

These elections have been observed by international organizations that have sanctioned both their accuracy and transparency, with technical mechanisms for verifying results, unlike those of other countries in the region.

This electoral system, which today the so-called "international community" views with concern, has been recognized during these 25 years when the results favor the Venezuelan opposition: this was the case with the opposition's victory in the National Assembly in 2015, and in the regional elections of 2021 where the opposition won numerous mayorships and governorships.

It is clear how their concern is expressed when it is not the interest of U.S. imperialism. Regarding the alleged "rejection" of Maria Corina Machado's candidacy, it would suffice to recall the response of Commander Chavez at the time with the famous "The Eagle Does Not Hunt the Fly".

However, it is interesting to think about what the international community would think if in another country a candidate who did not register for the electoral contest because she did not meet the requirements were to make an international fuss about being "rejected" if the registration itself did not take place, and the intention is to register someone in her name outside the deadlines stipulated by the electoral authority?

This is what is happening with the supposed candidacy of Maria Corina Machado, who has been disqualified since 2015 for her participation in interventionist actions, such as when she actively demanded the imposition of sanctions and military interventions, as well as participating in coup attempts and in the surrender of the companies CITGO and Monomeros, as part of the dispossession against the Venezuelan people.

It is for these reasons that the Supreme Justice Court has ratified her disqualification. Corina Yoris, Maria Corina's "delegate," was thus appointed by hand, ignoring the agreements that had been reached with the opposition.

It is worth remembering here that this electoral calendar was defined within the framework of the Barbados Agreement together with most of the Venezuelan opposition, who, for their part, registered their candidates following the regular CNE procedure.

Thirteen candidates from 37 political organizations fulfilled all legal requirements and registered with the National Electoral Council (CNE) to run for the Presidency of the Republic in the general elections on July 28th.

We, the ALBA Movements, want to reinforce, before the social and popular organizations of the Americas and the world, the strong voice of the Venezuelan people, who have chosen, in a free and sovereign way, from their organized bases, the candidacy of President Nicolas Maduro for the next election.

It is essential to highlight the legitimacy of his candidacy, to prevent the candidacy of the president from being called into question as a result of the disinformation and media manipulation put forward by imperialism and the Venezuelan opposition, which is subservient to the United States.

Let there be no doubt: the administration of Nicolas Maduro has heroically advanced the project initiated by Commander Hugo Chavez with Bolivar's dreams of a dignified, just, and sovereign homeland.

This project is also framed within a wider project of Latin American and Caribbean unity, and it is this revolutionary project that the working people will come out to defend at the ballot. It is precisely for this reason that a sector of the opposition seeks to sabotage, at all costs, its continuity.

The U.S. and its local and foreign allies have tried in every possible way, from the landing of mercenaries and the financing of right-wing groups, through self-proclaimed presidents governing an imaginary country, or violent urban gangs (guarimbas) that persecuted and murdered chavista militants throughout the country, to the economic, political and diplomatic blockade that continues to date to try to suffocate the Venezuelan economy, against which the brave people continue to fight daily.

The alleged accusations against the Venezuelan electoral system that seek to disregard the upcoming presidential elections and the disinformation campaign that has been launched, are nothing more than a new chapter in the long attempts of the United States to intervene and interfere in the political sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In the face of this, the ALBA Movements will once again stand with the Venezuelan people, defending the flags of Bolivar, Commander Chavez, President Nicolas Maduro, and the revolutionary project that has illuminated our path like a beacon from the Mountain Barracks for over 25 years."


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