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Social Organizations Support the Venezuelan Electoral Process

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 2024.

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, 2024. | Photo: Cuba en Resumen

Published 3 April 2024

The U.S. seeks to impose candidates that represent its interests to seize Venezuelan resources, they pointed out.

On Tuesday, social organizations in the United States and Latin America expressed their solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan electoral process.


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"Among its significant achievements, Venezuela stands as the country that has held the most democratic elections throughout Latin America and the Caribbean," they said, emphasizing that the transparency of Venezuelan electoral processes has never been challenged.

However, "the U.S. government once again attempts to delegitimize the electoral process and impose candidates that represent its interests to seize Venezuela and its vast hydrocarbon resources," the social organizations' statement asserts.

Signatories to the statement include La Casa de las Americas, the Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity, the International Democratic Federation of Women, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center, the Martiano Youth Movement, and the International Committee Peace, Justice, and Dignity to Peoples.

These social organizations denounced that Washington is not satisfied with maintaining the economic blockade against the Venezuelan people or with continuing the blatant theft of the Bolivarian heritage.

"Defying all international conventions regarding respect for the sovereign decisions of states, the United States seeks to impose a president to its liking," they said, highlighting that the administration of President Joe Biden seeks to "annihilate the notable social advances" made by the Bolivarian Revolution.

The statement also highlights that Washington seeks to hinder the leadership that Venezuela is acquiring in Latin America due to a foreign policy based on respect, multilateralism, solidarity, and peace.

The social organizations also called for denouncing the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that took place on March 25, when gunmen linked to the fascist organization Vente Venezuela were arrested.

"We call on social movements, political and cultural organizations to offer our full support to the Venezuelan electoral process, based on the established agreements that guarantee the normal development of the presidential elections on July 28," the statement adds.

"All our solidarity with President Nicolas Maduro and with Bolivarian Venezuela. Hands off Venezuela! Enough of Yankee campaigns and interference!," said Abel Prieto, the president of La Casa de las Americas.

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