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Venezuelan FM Slams US Sanctions Against Cuba as Vote Ploy

  • Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza

    Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza | Photo: Twitter/ @redeuropave

Published 4 June 2020

An official statement, released by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza slammed the new U.S. agression against the island nation. 

The Venezuelan government rejected on Thursday the new package of coercive measures of the United States regime against Cuba, which was announced by the State Department.


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In an official statement, Venezuela describes the inclusion of seven new Cuban institutions in a list of sanctioned entities by the State Department as aggression via a destabilizing action.

The statement, which was released on a Twitter account by Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, highlights that the measures come amid the global emergency caused by the expansion of COVID-19 with the purpose of distracting attention from the protests that are shaking the U.S.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry warned that the Trump administration has criminalized economic activity between two sovereign countries such as Cuba and Venezuela.

The Venezuelan official also recalled that these coercive measures will not slow down progress or collaboration in all areas that takes place between Venezuela and Cuba.

However, they do fit into a strategy of seeking votes in South Florida, with a view to the elections of next November.

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