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Experts: Cuba is Close To The Post-COVID Stage

  • Dr. Francisco Duran has given information to the Cuban people since the beginning of the pandemic

    Dr. Francisco Duran has given information to the Cuban people since the beginning of the pandemic | Photo: Twitter/@DrDuranGarcia

Published 27 May 2020

It has to be in an orderly fashion, due to the danger of a possible second wave of COVID.

Cuba is making the necessary adjustments to enter the post-pandemic phase, given that the country is a fortnight away from completing the contagion phase, the Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Francisco Durán, reported on Wednesday.


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Even though the government will be the one to inform the pertinent measures to be implemented, the ministerial structures are currently organizing the post-emergency health stage, a process that will be carried out with full scientific rigor, he informed.

Several countries have already lifted restrictions, in some cases too hastily due to great economic pressures, which has led to mistakes and new outbreaks.

"It's very important to maintain restrictive measures and social isolation. Cuba is expected to complete the cycle of the disease within approximately 15 days, during which we need to deliver the final blow to the pandemic," Duran alerted.

"In everyone's effort lies success against the epidemic, Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez wrote"

The country is entering what is known as the "endemic phase," a period in which people must learn how to deal with the disease in their daily life, as experts have pointed.

Cuba continues with a positive trend in the ratio of medical discharges to the number of new admissions. In the last 21 days, except for May 25, the country has shown an upward curve in this regard, with more patients discharged from hospitals than patients diagnosed as positive.
So far, the Caribbean nation has reported 1974 positive cases, of which 1724 (87%) has recovered. The death toll is up to 82 deceased (4%).


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