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Venezuela Urges Brazil to Arrest Attackers of Military Base

  • President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro urged Monday the government of Brazil not to support

    President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro urged Monday the government of Brazil not to support "terrorist actions" against the South American country. | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 23 December 2019

Mercenaries had attacked Sunday a Venezuelan military base killing one soldier.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged Monday for the government of Brazil to not support "terrorist actions" against the South American country and required its authorities to arrest those involved in Sunday's attack to a military border outpost


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"I ask the Brazilian government and authorities to proceed with the arrest of those attackers and return the remaining weapons to Venezuela," Maduro demanded.

The Venezuelan president also said during his public address that the stolen weapons were intended to be used "to bathe Venezuelan's Christmas season with blood."  

This comes as Venezuelan Defense Minister General Vladimir Padrino Lopez confirmed Sunday an attack on a military base in Gran Sabana in the south of the country, in which an army trooper was killed and some 120 rifles and nine RPG rocket launchers were stolen, presumably to carry out a false flag operation and justify a military intervention led by the United States against Venezuela.

Venezuela's Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza denounced that the attackers came from Peru, passed through Colombia and received support in Brazil. "It is a coup strategy of the triangulation of governments of the Lima Cartel to produce violence, death and political destabilization in Venezuela. We denounce these governments before the world," the diplomat said. 

On Monday, Maduro said that the governments of Brazil and Peru are denying their links with the terrorists and demanded the capture and deportation of the opposition activist considered a terrorist by the state of Venezuela, Vilca Fernandez.

Finally, Maduro reiterated his commitment to safeguarding the peace of the nation and stressed that despite the assault perpetrated by interventionist sectors "the Revolution will continue its course."

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