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Venezuela Supports Palestine on Nakba Day

  • Palestinians are expelled from their homeland, May 15, 1948.

    Palestinians are expelled from their homeland, May 15, 1948. | Photo: Twitter/ @alhaq_org

Published 16 May 2022

In 1948, sixty-six percent of the total population of historic Palestine was expelled and displaced from their now Israeli-occupied territories.

On Sunday, the Venezuelan government supported Palestine in its commemoration of the Nakba, the day on which Palestinians remember the loss of their homeland and the displacement of thousands of people after the birth of the Israeli state in 1948.


Israeli Soldiers and Settlers Attack Palestinians on Nakba Day

"Today we join the people of Palestine 74 years after the Nakba, a catastrophe in which almost 800,000 Palestinians were killed, dispossessed and expelled from their homeland, in a vile act that threatened life and human rights", the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Felix Plasencia tweeted.

The Nakba "commemorates with mourning" the resolution of the United Nations Organization (UN) that entered into force on May 15, 1948. With this measure Palestine was stripped of half of its territory and a new Israeli State was violently imposed on its own land.

Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated in Ramallah city in the West Bank. In the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, the Palestinian factions also organized demonstrations in front of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), while protestors raised Palestinian flags and banners emphasizing the right of return.

In 1948, 957,000 Palestinians, 66 percent of the total population of the historic Palestine, were expelled and displaced from their territories now occupied by Israel.

According to a report issued by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics on the occasion of the anniversary, the number of refugees reached 6.4 million by the end of 2020.

This year, the Nakba coincides with the funeral of Walid al Sharif, who died on Saturday weeks after being turned over by Israeli occupation forces at the Mosque Grounds on the third Friday of Ramadan.

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