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Venezuela Spoils Attempt to Sabotage the Nov. 21 Elections

  • CNE headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, 2021.

    CNE headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @cneesvzla

Published 14 November 2021

A terrorist group attempted to attack National Electoral Council facilities in Caracas and harm public authorities and economic infrastructure.

Venezuela's Interior Minister Remigio Ceballos reported the neutralization of a terrorist attack on the National Electoral Council (CNE) Mariche facility in Caracas on Saturday.


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He announced the seizure of 95 subversive pamphlets, 10 improvised explosive devices, and five drums with gasoline.

Showing the connection between the criminal group with those people who tried to sabotage the 2020 legislative elections, a video by terrorist William Sanchez explained the actions to be carried out for the attack. 

Security forces arrested Dimas Gonzalez, alias "Sepulturero", for being the national coordinator of the operation. There were also three other arrests near the CNE warehouses.

Ceballos denounced that the terrorist group was planning to attack public authorities and strategic infrastructures such as telecommunications, electricity, and oil. 

He also announced the arrest of Carlos Debiais who piloted remotely an aircraft flying over the Amuay Refinery and the Bolivarian National Guard surroundings. 

On Sunday, the CNE carried out a new audit of dozens of voting machines just seven days before the regional elections in the Bolivarian nation. The delivery of the ballot boxes and the installation of polling stations will be completed throughout the week.

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