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UN Experts To Assess Venezuelan Electoral System

  • A woman sees information in a voting machine, Venezuela, November 2021.

    A woman sees information in a voting machine, Venezuela, November 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @NewsLatinPress

Published 10 November 2021

Unlike observer missions, these experts will not publicly evaluate the electoral process but write a private report on electoral recommendations to authorities.

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Electoral Council (CNE) received the United Nations' electoral experts Domenico Tuccinardi, Fernanda Abreu, and Roly Davila, who will evaluate the electoral system ahead of the Nov. 21 subnational elections.


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Unlike what electoral observation missions do, this UN group will not carry out a public evaluation of the electoral results but will present a report with electoral recommendations to the UN Secretary Antonio Guterres and the Venezuelan authorities.

"Tuccinardi, Abreu, and Davila have extensive electoral experience and have worked for the UN for a long time. Therefore, we are confident that they will give us solid recommendations," the CNE Director Pedro Calzadilla stated.

To have a clear opinion about the electoral process, these experts will visit several polling stations and exchange with officers, electoral authorities, and pro-government and opposition politicians. "We will always look for different points of view so that our analysis is not biased," Tuccinardi stressed.

The UN experts recognized that Venezuela has a consistent automated electoral system, which guarantees voting safeness, and that the agreements reached at the Mexico-hosted dialogues between the Bolivarian government and the opposition favored the electoral process.

“For the first time since 2017, opposition organizations will participate in these elections,” Calzadilla stressed and urged these candidates to continue competing for power in a democratic manner.

Electoral experts from Latin America, Russia, and Europe will also participate in the upcoming Venezuelan elections as international observers. "It is reassuring to feel that so much experience will guide us in this process," Calzadilla insisted.

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