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Venezuela: 79,4% Of Voting Machines Ready For Nov. 21 Elections

  • A woman introduces her ballot into an electoral machine, Venezuela, 2021.

    A woman introduces her ballot into an electoral machine, Venezuela, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @DavidSVzla

Published 9 November 2021

"The Bolivarian electoral system is one of the best in the world since it is fully automatic and promotes transparency of voting processes": U.S. Ex-President Carter. 

On Tuesday, Venezuela’s Electoral Council (CNE) announced that 79,4 percent of the voting machines to be used in the Nov. 21 subnational elections are ready and 19 out of 23 states have all the necessary technological equipment to develop this process.


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"We are prioritizing the early installation and diagnosis of the Integrated Authentication System and the 1,875 voting machines to be used in these elections. We want to ensure that automated voting is safe," the CNE President Pedro Calzadilla insisted.

Authorities appointed 750 CNE technicians to audit the machines and computer system through a strict protocol, which includes the analysis of the database, infrastructure configuration, IT security protocols, and the interaction between the voting machines and the counting center.

On Monday, this team analyzed 35 voting machines with their respective systems in four municipalities of the Anzoategui State: Bolivar, Aragua, Diego Bautista Urbaneja, McGregor, and the Acevedo Municipality in the Miranda State. The equipment review showed no failure or contingency.

The Homeland for All (PPT), Democratic Unity Bureau (MUD), Alliance for Change (APC), and Venezuelan Popular Unity Party (UPV) militants validated the effectiveness and transparency of the work carried out by the technicians.
Although the CNE technicians must finish auditing all electoral technology infrastructure by Nov. 15, their work will continue once the citizens vote since these experts must audit voter data and campaign spending from Nov. 22 to Dec. 3.

"Venezuelan electoral system is one of the best in the world. One of its biggest advantages is that it is fully automatic, which facilitates the verification of election results," former U.S. President Jimmy Carter recognized.

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