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Venezuela Regrets Turning Colombia Into a Space for NATO

  • Venezuela's Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia

    Venezuela's Foreign Minister Felix Plasencia

Published 12 March 2022

The Chancellor of the Republic, Felix Plasencia, questioned the pretension of expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Latin America through the designation of Colombia as a major extra-NATO ally.

At the end of the panel "Re-energizing dynamism in Latin America and the Caribbean," he regretted that the administration of Iván Duque is trying to turn Colombia "into a useful space for the threat" represented by NATO.

 The US To Declare Colombia A Not-NATO-Member Strategic Ally

In this sense, Plasencia rejected NATO's determination to "invite countries of our region" that have a pacifist vocation and reject the use of weapons.

"We regret that for the Colombian people, our brothers, the government of Ivan Duque wants to become part of a forum such as NATO," he emphasized in the context of the II Diplomatic Forum of Antalya.

On Thursday, March 10, U.S. President Joe Biden announced his intention to designate Colombia as a major extra-NATO ally "in recognition of the unique and close relationship between our countries," reported Agencia EFE.

A little over three years ago, on May 31, 2018, former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos formalized the neo-Granadian nation's entry as a NATO global partner.

The alliances between Colombia and NATO date back to June 25, 2013, when they drew up a cooperation agreement that provides for the exchange of information in terms of security.

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