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Two US Citizens Released by Venezuela in Humanitarian Gesture

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    Citgo fuel station

Published 8 March 2022

An official source indicated that the releases follow agreements reached at the meeting of a U.S. delegation with President Nicolas Maduro.

On Tuesday, for humanitarian reasons, two U.S. citizens, who were being held at the order of the Venezuelan justice system, were granted their freedom.

The teleSUR correspondent in Venezuela, Madelein García, reported the news after confirmation from official sources.

The citizens who benefited from freedom are Gustavo Adolfo Cárdenas and José Alberto Fernández. They were executives of the subsidiary of the state-owned oil company PDVSA, Citgo.

According to teleSUR's correspondent, the official source specified that the releases of both citizens "are the result of the agreements reached in the meeting of high officials of the White House with President Nicolás Maduro."

 US Talks with Venezuela on Oil Supply and Price Issues

The day before, the Venezuelan president confirmed that last Saturday, he held a meeting at the Miraflores Palace, the seat of the Government, with a delegation from the United States (U.S.), and described the meeting as respectful, cordial and very diplomatic.

"I found it very important to be able to talk face to face about issues of maximum interest for Venezuela and the world," said the head of state, assuring that "the conversations, coordination and positive agenda between the Government of the United States and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue."

President Maduro reiterated that they are active with the diplomacy of peace "at all levels" and added that "it is the time for diplomacy, it is the time for words, it is the time for truth and it is the time to rebuild peace."

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