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Venezuela Election Update: PSUV Coalition Wins 67% of the Vote

  • With over 82% of the votes counted, the PSUV-GPP coalition has won 67.6% of the vote and will take power in the newly conformed National Assembly on January 5, 2021.

    With over 82% of the votes counted, the PSUV-GPP coalition has won 67.6% of the vote and will take power in the newly conformed National Assembly on January 5, 2021. | Photo: teleSUR English

Published 6 December 2020

Strict health protocols are being observed in 14,221 polling stations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On Sunday, Venezuela holds elections for the renewal of the Parliament, a process where about 14,400 candidates will participate from 107 political organizations.

About 90 percent of the political organizations registered with the National Electoral Council (CNE) are taking part in the D6 elections. The Venezuelan opposition is represented by 98 of those 107 political groups.

1:00 AM (Monday): Following Peaceful Vote, Venezuela's Gran Polo Patriotico Wins Legislative Majority

Among the winners elected to the newly conformed National Assembly are Venezuela's First Combatant Cilia Flores, Vice President Diosdado Cabello, and former Minister of Communications and Information Jorge Rodríguez.

President Nicolas Maduro, speaking live on television at 1:45 AM local time, congratulated the more than 14,000 candidate nationwide, and gave a special message to the winners. He affirmed that in the past 22 years, the PSUV has won through the vote rather than through violence, proof of the party's democratic and popular nature.

With these preliminary results, the PSUV-GPP coalition declares victory with 67% of the votes for Venezuela's National Assembly, winning back the national legislature, in contempt since 2017, from the right-wing sectors which have held a majority since 2015.

The newly conformed National Assembly for the 2021-206 period will take power on January 5, 2021.


12:30 AM (Monday): With Over 82% of Votes In, PSUV Coalition Wins 67.6% of the Vote

"#Latest: with a participation of 31% the PSUV rises with 67.37% of the votes followed by Acción Democrática with 17.95%"

12:00 AM (Monday):  Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Manuel Zelaya arrive to CNE and await results

Former Presidents Evo Morales, Rafael Correa and Manuel Zelaya, who participated in today's National Assembly election as international electoral observers, have arrived at Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) to await statements on the results of yesterday's parliamentary elections.

9:30 PM: Venezuelans flock to Miraflores to await election results

In anticipation of the election results, Venezuelans and foreign observers are arriving to Miraflores Palace, the seat of exectutive power, to accompany President Nicolas Maduro and await the official news of tody's parliamentary elections.

"Dozens of people walk on the famous Llaguno Bridge in Caracas to go to Miraflores and accompany President Nicolas Maduro"

8:45 PM: Certain Polling Stations Remain Open

As of 8:30PM local time, many polling stations throughout Venezuela remain open, to accomodate working Venezuelans whose right to vote has been protected. In the Juana Ramirez election center, dozens of people who are coming from work and are in line hours after polling stations technically closed will be allowed to vote. This, despite a massive voter suppression campaign led by far-right opposition parties calling on Venezuelans to stay at home, abstain from voting and delegitimize the electoral process.

"While some centers have already closed, other voting centers remain open because there are still voters in queue waiting to vote"


8:20 PM: Foreign Minister Arreaza Rejects Chile's Blatant Lies

In response to Chilean Foreign Minister Andres Allamand's misleading and politicized statement, claiming, "The Venezuelan election lacks all legitimacy: no independent electoral authority, no free political parties, no foreign observers. Chile will continue to promote the convergence of the Lima group, International Contact Group, and Stockholm Group to support a transition with a united opposition," Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza responded by highlighting the Chilean government's hypocrisy and outright lies against Venezuela's democratic processes.

"Andrés, Chancellor. Attacking Venezuelan institutions to try to divert attention from the chaos of the agonizing, neoliberal Chilean government, despised by the majority, is not a good strategy. Show respect to earn respect. Exercise Diplomacy."


7:45 PM: International observers witness poll closure

International observers of Venezuela's National Assembly elections arrive at the Miguel Antonio Caro polling station in Caracas to participate in the poll closure and witness the audits of two voting stations at the center.


6:15 PM: Opposition candidates reject sanctions, far-right; ratify popular electoral participation

In statements to the press, opposition candidate José Brito denounced the role of the outgoing National Assembly in pushing for international sanctions and robbing the national resources of the Venezuelan people. He reiterated the role of negotiation and dialogue in resolving national concerns, and berated the far-right sectors of the opposition who boycotted the parliamentary elections.

Brito ratified the successful and tranquil nature of the day's voting process, dismounting premeditated claims of fraud, insecurity and illegitimacy from the U.S., Europe and the far-right. He expressed his party's hope to become the legitimate opposition in the now legitimate legislative branch and its ambitions to assume power, through the vote, in upcoming state governor and future presidential elections.

Brito's Primero Venezuela party, along with COPEI, El Cambio and other moderate sectors of the opposition, affirmed the constitutional, peaceful and electoral nature of Venezuela's democracy, by participating in today's parliamentary elections and offering statements distancing themselves from the soon-to-be irrelevant far-right sectors who seek political change through violence and imposition.

"The opposition  candidate for National Assembly, José Brito, mentions that Venezuelans have said enough to those who wanted to take power at the expense of the suffering of the people "

5:20 PM: National Electoral Council extends voting to 7 PM or Later

"The CNE of #Venezuela announced that the electoral centers will remain open until 7 PM (local time), out of respect for the people who are still in line to exercise their right to vote"

5:00 PM: The polls have now officially closed nationwide. 

After twelve hours of the polls being opened, they have now officially closed nationwide. Those waiting in line before 6PM local time will still be able to vote. teleSUR English will provide sustained coverage as the results start to trickle in. 


4:30 PM: U.S. Government Fabricates Lies About Venezuela's Electoral Process

Despite hundreds of international and national observers confirming the transparent, participatory and peaceful electoral process being carried out today in Venezuela, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to social media this afternoon to repeat made-up claims of fraud and illegitimacy, echoing the increasingly hollow and unpopular positions of the far-right opposition, which the U.S. government finances and supports. 


3:45 PM: International Observers Ratify Calm, Orderly Electoral Process 

International observers continue to visit the country's different electoral centers and carry out their observation work during the parliamentary elections in Venezuela. So far, the event's evaluations have been positive, highlighting the peaceful atmosphere and the speed of the process.

At the same time, there have been calls for respect and non-interference in the democratic expression of the South American nation by former President Evo Morales and former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

"Part of the international observer's delegation is visiting the Francisco de Miranda Educational Unit, in the municipality of Francisco Linares Alcantara, Aragua state."


3:00 PM: Foreign Minister Arreaza Casts His Vote, Meets with International Election Observers

From the Manuel Palacio Fajardo Educational Unit in the 23 de Enero neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza cast his vote in the 2020 parliamentary elections. This is the polling location where Commander Hugo Chavez historically exercised his right to vote.

Afterward, Arreaza met with international election observers from Africa and Latin America belonging to the International People's Assembly on the ground in Venezuela to ensure the democratic electoral process is respected.

1:30 PM: President Maduro Exercises His Right To Vote

After casting his vote, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro called on the citizens to comply with their constitutional obligations so that the Fifth National Assembly can be installed.

He appreciated an electoral campaign in which candidates peacefully debated on issues of national importance.


African Observers Present in Venezuela's Parliamentary Elections

10H15: Defense Minister Stresses the Day is Advancing Normally

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino noted that no incidents have occurred during the elections day, and polling stations are being visited since early morning.

He pointed out that 250,000 members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) were mobilized to protect the electoral centers while highlighting the process is safe since all the security conditions are in place.

He added that subversive actions and activities that seek to boycott the elections are being monitored and deactivated, while the maritime and land borders are being protected.

10H10: Admiral Ceballos Highlights FANB's Role in the Process

FANB Strategic Operational Commander Remigio Ceballos thanked all the armed forces for guaranteeing security in the voting centers by maintaining communication and surveillance of the electoral process, which has been conducted in a normal manner so far. 

10H00: The President of the CNE ratifies the speed of the vote with the new machines

National Electoral Council (CNE) President Indira Alfonzo informed that elections preliminary results will be announced early in the afternoon as voting machines operate quickly.

She added that Venezuelans could exercise their right to vote in the 14,221 voting stations set up in 24 states where 87 electoral districts are located. 

09H50: Candidate Jorge Rodriguez Addresses the Press

The Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) electoral campaign chief Jorge Rodriguez reported that the vast majority of the voting centers are open where the process is flowing quickly and safely. He also made a call to vote "because the only way they can express themselves is through the exercise of the citizen's vote."


US Observers Endorse Venezuela's Election Legitimacy

He also stressed that Venezuela is giving a message of independence and has the right to decide its government and election system.

He highlighted the voting machines' speed, noting that the vast majority of the positions will be assigned by night. 

 "We will go out to a more united Venezuela," Rodriguez said about the election results.

09H30: Acting as International Observers

Nearly one hundred international observers guarantee the legitimacy of the legislative elections being held this Sunday in Venezuela.

The personalities highlighted the massive turnout, the organization of the process, and its electoral guarantees.

09H15: President Maduro Calls on People to Vote

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro called on all citizens to vote in this Sunday's elections. On Twitter, the President also pointed out that "it is a transcendental day."

09H00: Biosafety Compliance

The electoral process is carried out under strict biosecurity protocols to prevent COVID-19. Health measures included the total cleaning of electoral premises before the opening and constant disinfection of surfaces and personnel.

07H30: Long Lines at Polling Places

Voters in the capital Caracas and several other cities have been standing in long lines since early in the morning at the voting centers to exercise their right to vote. 

07H00: Vice President Delcy Rodriguez Votes

She exercised her right to vote at a voting center in the El Valle neighborhood in Caracas. Later, she issued statements highlighting the quality, reliability, and speed of the voting process while calling on all Venezuelans to go early to polling stations. 

06H00: Voting centers open.

Polling stations were scheduled to open at this time. Minutes later, it was announced that the opening took place without any major difficulties. The voters were already queuing outside the centers, so the voting activity was immediately recorded.

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