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US: Man Shoots Detroit Protesters From Car and Kills Young Man

  • Citizens protest against the murder of George Floyd outside CNN, Atlanta, U.S., May 29, 2020.

    Citizens protest against the murder of George Floyd outside CNN, Atlanta, U.S., May 29, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @alkaabimi

Published 30 May 2020

Protests over George Floyd's death spread to over 25 U.S. cities for fourth consecutive day.

A young man killed in Detroit during the Minneapolis protests. A 19-year-old man was shot dead in Detroit while participating in protests against the murder of George Floyd, an event that occurred in Minneapolis but is prompting riots in other U.S. cities.


Minneapolis: Nightime Curfew Due To Riots

The Detroit man's death occurred shortly before midnight Friday when an SUV driver fired multiple shots at people protesting Floyd's death. The attacker escaped and has not yet been identified. The young man was taken to a city hospital, where his death was confirmed.

On May 25, George Floyd died of suffocation by a police officer when he was arrested on suspicion of having tried to use a fake US$20 bill at a supermarket.

In videos recorded by passers-by, four policemen are seen holding Floyd on the ground, one of whom pressed his knee to George's neck for several minutes. Since then, riots over Floyd's death have spread to different cities across the United States.

On Friday, New York police arrested dozens of people who kept protesting mainly in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

In Oakland, according to Police data, over 7,500 people were actively protesting on the streets where looting, fire, and clashes with police officers occurred. A similar situation happened in Lincoln and Phoenix.

In Houston, where eight police vehicles were damaged during the protests, the police arrested about 200 people and accused them of obstructing public roads.

About 50 people were arrested in Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was killed and which remains guarded by 2,500 Police and National Guard officers dispatched by President Donald Trump.

Outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta, hundreds of people gathered to protest, burned a U.S. flag, and smashed windows.

On Friday, after several days of roaming free, former police officer Derek Chauvin was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. The building that housed the club where Floyd worked was burned during the riots caused by his death.

In Minneapolis, where the curfew violation is punishable by up to 90 days in prison and fines of up to US$1,000, a CNN reporter was arrested live while covering the protests.

As of Saturday morning, U.S. local authorities had reported protests in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bakersfield, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Des Moines, Houston, Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, Lincoln, Louisville, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Richmond, Sacramento, San Jose, San Francisco, and Vegas.​​​​​​​

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