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UN Expert Urges Israel to End Starvation Campaign in Gaza

  • A Palestinian mother holds a child killed by Israeli bombing, 2024.

    A Palestinian mother holds a child killed by Israeli bombing, 2024. | Photo: X/ @OnlinePalEng

Published 8 March 2024

The destruction of fishing livelihoods has pushed Palestinians into hunger, Michael Fakhri said.

At a meeting of the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Michael Fakhri condemned Israel's destruction of the food system in Gaza and urged an end to the "starvation campaign" there.


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He also mentioned that nearly 75 percent of Gaza's fishing sector had been devastated by Israeli bombardment.

"Israel has mounted a starvation campaign against the Palestinian people in Gaza... by targeting small-scale fishers," Fakhri said, adding that Israel has denied all access to the sea.

"Israeli forces decimated the Port of Gaza, destroying every single fishing boat and shack. In Rafah, only two out of 40 boats are left. In Khan Younis, Israel destroyed approximately 75 small-scale fishing vessels."

The destruction of fishing livelihoods in the enclave had undermined the right to food for people in Gaza and pushed them into hunger and starvation, Fakhri said.

On Tuesday, UN experts condemned the violence of Israeli troops that fired on crowds of Palestinians gathered to collect flour in the southwest of Gaza on Feb. 29. At least 112 people died and some 760 were injured.

Meanwhile, Türkiye sent a ship to the Gaza Strip carrying 2,737 tonnes of humanitarian aid, a collaborative effort of Turkish organizations led by the Turkish Red Crescent.

The aid will reach Egypt's Al-Arish port, and then be loaded onto trucks for Gaza, Turkish Red Crescent President Fatma Meric Yilmaz said, adding that the aid includes food parcels, clothes and hygiene items, as well as shelter materials and medical equipment, among others.

Türkiye had previously sent humanitarian supplies in 12 planes and six ships after war erupted between Israel and Hamas in October last year. The country has also received more than 300 wounded and sick from Gaza for treatment since the onset of the conflict.

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