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Russia Thwarts New Ukrainian Attack in Kaluga Region

  • Russian anti-aircraft defense system.

    Russian anti-aircraft defense system. | Photo: Twitter/ @RT_com

Published 3 August 2023

The six drones, which were shot down less than 125 miles from Moscow, were presumably targeting civilian targets in the Russian capital.

On Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that seven Ukrainian drones were shot down overnight while flying over the Kaluga region.


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Through social networks, the Kaluga Governor Vladislav Shapsha confirmed the attack and noted that there were no victims or material damage.

Subsequently, another drone was detected and shot down by the anti-aircraft defense system while the operational services work at the scene.

The Russian Defense Ministry described the attack as a "terrorist attack" in a context tempered by the increase in Ukrainian attacks against Russian infrastructure.

On Sunday and Tuesday, several Ukrainian drones hit the building of the Moscow City business complex despite the fact that the authorities had made efforts to minimize the risk of occurrence of these terrorist attacks.

In June, two drones also attacked the M3 Ukraina highway, which runs through the Kaluga region and reaches the border with Ukraine.

On Thursday, the Russian Army reported that one of its ships detected and destroyed an unmanned Ukrainian vessel in the Black Sea.

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