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Russia Puts Bulava Intercontinental Missile into Service

  • Launch test of the Bulava missile.

    Launch test of the Bulava missile. | Photo: X/ @IiiTango

Published 14 May 2024

This Russian weapon is capable of overcoming the United States anti-missile shield.

On Tuesday, Yuri Solomonov, chief designer at the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering, reported that Russia has put into service the sea-based Bulava intercontinental missile.


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Developed by the Moscow Institute of Thermotechnics since 1998, this intercontinental missile has a range of 9,000 kilometers and can carry between 6 and 10 nuclear warheads. This weapon is capable of overcoming the United States anti-missile shield.

The Bulava are launched from state-of-the-art atomic submarines. According to the Meduza portal, 40 test launches were carried out with this missile. Seven of those launches, however, were failures, which led to serial production of the Bulava being delayed for years. 

Currently, seven submarines capable of carrying up to 16 Bulava rockets are in service of the Russian Navy. The land-based Bulava and Topol missiles, together with nuclear bombers and atomic submarines, constitute the core of Russian nuclear weapons.

On Tuesday, Russian authorities also confirmed that over 15 combat ships and boats of the Russian Pacific Fleet have set sail for a training exercise aimed at countering maritime and aerial drones.

The warships and boats departed Vladivostok to participate in a scheduled interdepartmental exercise focused on protecting and defending base points and sea communications.

During the exercise, crews will conduct training to combat unmanned boats and drones representing a mock enemy. The ship crews are set to perform live-fire drills targeting objects that simulate small-sized surface and aerial threats.

As the vessels left their bases, the personnel had already completed emergency combat and sailing preparations, including actions to camouflage their departure from the pier area using smoke screens.

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