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Russia Has Always Stood by the Cuban People: Putin

  • Presidents Vladimir Putin (L) & Miguel Diaz-Canel (R), May 9, 2024.

    Presidents Vladimir Putin (L) & Miguel Diaz-Canel (R), May 9, 2024. | Photo: X/ @DiazCanelB

Published 9 May 2024

He also emphasized that Russo-Cuban relations are based on mutual friendship and respect.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel held a meeting at the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow.


Cuban President and Dmitri Medvedev Hold Meeting in Moscow

The Russian leader thanked Diaz-Canel for attending the Victory Day Parade and emphasized that Cuba-Russian relations are based on mutual friendship and respect.

"The Soviet Union and modern Russia have always stood by the Cuban people in their struggle for their interests and their homeland," Putin said, recalling that Cuban citizens also fought alongside the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War.

"We remember this and will always treat with great respect those who stood alongside our parents and grandparents, shoulder to shoulder, fighting together against Nazism," he stressed.

"We will always support the Cuban people and oppose U.S. attempts to restrict Cuba's development through sanctions and restrictions. However, for decades, the Cuban people have fought against them and feel strong," he said.

For his part, the Cuban president handed Putin a letter of congratulations sent by the revolutionary leader Raul Castro on the occasion of his inauguration as president of Russia.

"Our visit to Russia concluded with a very pleasant meeting with Vladimir Putin, the president of this great country. It was a warm exchange between friends who are well aware of the challenges their nations face and are committed to mutual support," Diaz-Canel said, adding that Moscow can always count on Havana's support.

"Cuba constantly condemns the geopolitical manipulation carried out by the U.S. government," he said, reaffirming rejection of the threat posed by NATO's approach to Russian borders.

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