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Russia Approves New Drug for Treatment of COVID-19

  • Woman in a laboratory, Russia, 2020.

    Woman in a laboratory, Russia, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @fame_monte

Published 8 July 2020

The "Koronavir" can be used for the treatment of light and moderate forms of COVID-19.

Russia’s Health Ministry Wednesday approved the “Koronavir,” a new drug made by the R-Pharm group to aid in the treatment of COVID-19.


Russia's COVID-19 Vaccine to Provide Long-Term Protection

"The R-Pharm group of companies completed the process of registration of the Koronavir, a drug for the treatment of light and moderate forms of COVID-19," TASS reported.

The Koronavir is the third national medicine authorized to fight the pandemic in Russia, a country that has reported 700,792 COVID-19 cases and 10,667 deaths so far.

This new medicine will only be used in hospital conditions and should not be applied to pregnant women, patients with serious liver problems, and people under 18 years of age.

Since 2018, Russia has been fostering companies focused on producing solutions in biotechnology and microbiology.

At least 14 Russian scientific institutions are preparing 47 prototypes of vaccines, including two that have already entered the second phase of clinical trials in groups of volunteers.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashkin indicated that 17 vaccine prototypes have registered progress in their development.

If all stages are completed, at least two vaccine projects, developed by the Vektor Center and the Gamaleya Research Institute, could be brought into mass manufacturing next September.

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