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Prosecutor and Police Raid House of Peruvian President

  • Police surround the house of Dina Boluarte looking for watches, jewelry and a Honda van that he bought in cash.

    Police surround the house of Dina Boluarte looking for watches, jewelry and a Honda van that he bought in cash. | Photo: @cparedesr

Published 30 March 2024

Dina Boluarte faces serious accusations of illicit enrichment amid growing unpopularity in the country that has governed since 2022.

Representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and staff of the High Complexity Crimes Investigation Division (Diviac) raided Friday night the house of Peru’s designated president, Dina Boluarte, located in the district of Surquillo in the west of the Peruvian capital as part of the investigations for alleged illicit enrichment.


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The local media reported that the governor is not at home and that only one of her children was there, although later one of the lawyers of the president arrived.

According to the local broadcaster RPP, the search for seizure purposes was approved by Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley after an injunction filed by the attorney general, Juan Carlos Villena, as part of the investigation of the alleged commission of the crime of illicit enrichment in the so-called ''Rolex Case''.

Supreme Prosecutor Hernán Mendoza told the Congressional Oversight Commission that the president had "frustrated" the investigations by not attending the summonses made for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

On the other hand, Baluarte's government responded to the actions carried out by the prosecutor. Peru’s Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Eduardo Arana, described the raid on the president’s home and the Government Palace as a sign of the breakdown of the democratic system and constitutionality.

Arana explained that the more than 20 police officers and 20 prosecutors who showed up at the home of Boluarte and at the Government Palace during the raid respond to a "disproportionate, unconstitutional and illegal measure". He also said that justice had been misused by the judiciary and the Prosecutor’s Office.

With a rejection figures that over the 86% according to data of a Institute of Peruvian Studie's (IEP) poll, Boluarte faces a case of alleged illicit enrichment due the buy of a Rolex whatches.


Rolex Raid Peru


Dina Boluarte
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