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Peru Sanctions Repsol with Over 80 Million Dollars

  • Peru announced that sanctions against Repsol could reach 80 million dollars. Feb. 15, 2022.

    Peru announced that sanctions against Repsol could reach 80 million dollars. Feb. 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@perunewslatters

Published 15 February 2022

Modesto Montoya, Environment Minister disclosed on Tuesday that the government started the sanctions process against the Repsol corporation,  in relation to its responsibility regarding the oil spill.

On Tuesday, the Peruvian Environment Minister Modesto Montoya announced that the process to impose sanctions against the Repsol corporation has started because of the infringement of remediation actions after the oil spill across the Peruvian coast.

Peru: Repsol Must Restore Sea Conditions Prior to Oil Spill

The Minister stated that sanctions to be imposed against the Spanish energy company, for not restoring the existent conditions of the Peruvian sea previous to the oil spill could reach an estimated amount of 80 million dollars. "They have not complied with the clean-up requirements, with the recovery (of the affected areas), and with the deadlines that have been set," Montoya said to the press.

He noted that the company is only assuming the clean-up of beaches and not on the clean-up of the polluted sea caused by them. "We visited the islands where guano birds are found, and the firm has done nothing so far," the Minister underlined.

Further, Montoya noted that apparently the company "is looking for an excuse not to comply with (such requirements), but this will not be possible, because international laws protect us." He highlighted another report to be submitted to determine whether operations will be restored at Repsol.

One month after the spill of #petróleo caused by Repsol, the Minister of the Environment, Modesto Montoya, spoke to the population and said the following: "The fines to Repsol could reach up to 304 million soles."

"The company has to prepare a report so that they (the loading and unloading operations) can be definitively restored. I hope they have presented it," Montoya exposed.

The Environment Minister announced that an evaluation would be performed in a flight over the affected area for verifying sea conditions one month after the environmental disaster.

It is estimated that Repsol spilled more than 11 000 barrels of crude oil at La Pampilla maritime terminal.

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