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Peru: Runoff Presidential Candidates Agree to Debate

  • Keiko Fujimori (L) and Pedro Castillo (R) greet each other, Chota, Peru, May. 1, 2021.

    Keiko Fujimori (L) and Pedro Castillo (R) greet each other, Chota, Peru, May. 1, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @eluniversocom

Published 12 May 2021

After the first round in which 18 candidates participated, only Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori obtained enough votes to compete in the June runoff.

Peru's National Jury of Elections (JNE) on Wednesday informed that the presidential candidates of Popular Force (FP) and Free Peru (PL) agreed to hold two debates in the lead-up to the elections' runoff to be held on June 6.


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Previously, the JNE summoned representatives of both parties to address the matter while indicating that the electoral debates are not a legal obligation but an ethical commitment of the political organizations. 

The PL representative Pedro Castillo and FP leader Keiko Fujimori are the only two candidates who secured their tickets to the election runoff after the electoral process held on April. 11. 

On May 1, both candidates held an encounter to speak their minds over health, education, security, economic, and corruption issues. The topics for discussion in the other debates are yet to be defined. 

Early this week, Castillo called on the FP leader to undertake a "coherent, frank, and visible debate, showing loyalty for the family."

His remarks came after Fujimori signed the "Oath for Democracy" Pact, which urged candidates to respect the country's independence of powers and promote social development. 

The first round of the presidential elections had 18 political parties' competitors. Castillo secured 19 percent of the ballots while Fujimori 13 percent of the votes.

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