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Peru: Ex-President Vizcarra Stays in the 2021 Electoral Race

  • Ex-President Martin Vizcarra during a rally, Peru, 2021.

    Ex-President Martin Vizcarra during a rally, Peru, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @ElGobierno_Peru

Published 3 February 2021

Despite being impeached last year, he is seeking a congressional seat for the "We're Peru" party in the April 11 elections.

Peru's National Jury Of Elections (JNE) allowed former President Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020) to contest Abril 11 elections, after dismissing a previous ruling barring him from the electoral race. 


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The JNE overturned a decision by Lima's Special Electoral Jury (JEE) that ruled out Vizcarra's candidacy for Congress due to omissions in his tax information. 

On Jan. 8, the JEE noted that he did not inform over his 30 percent participation in Agrotecnica Estuquiña (AESA) granted in 1998 while adding that he and his brothers enjoyed special decision powers over the company since 2015.

JNE officials indicated that Vizcarra was not obliged to offer details on his shares because AESA has not generated profits since 2007.

Running for the "We're Peru" (SP) party, Vizcarra confirmed his candidacy for Congress in November. Two of his electoral promises were focused on parliamentary immunity and reforms to the Constitution.

Last year, Vizcarra was dismissed by Congress following corruption scandals over bribes and irregular hirings at the Culture Minister.

Even though he faced two impeachment processes, the Constitution does prohibit disqualified presidents from their political rights such as running in elections. 

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