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Peru: Agricultural Workers Block Pan-American Highway

  • Agricultural workers block the road, Peru, Dec. 21, 2020.

    Agricultural workers block the road, Peru, Dec. 21, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @PersonalEscrito

Published 22 December 2020

Rural workers explained that the road blockade is their reply to the failure of the Congress.

Peruvian workers on Monday blocked the Pan-American highway after Congress did not approve a bill that regulates labor relations and creates incentives for the export and industrialization of agricultural goods.


Peru Takes Step Towards Elimination of Parliamentary Immunity

At the beginning of December, workers from agro-industrial and agro-export companies blocked the country's roads in protests over the previous agrarian law, which allowed labor mistreatment.

Once that law was repealed by Congress, the lawmakers pledged to draft a new law that would provide for better wages and social benefits. This promise ended a farmers' strike that lasted five days of intense protests.

However, the Peruvian lawmakers did not fulfill their promise, postponed the vote on the new agrarian law, and sent the text for study by the Economic Commission. This immediately sparked new protests.

The Ica Agribusiness Workers' Committee President explained that the blockade of the highway is a reply to the failure of the Congress.

“We are here because Congress has made fun of us. It kept us on hold for 15 days, meanwhile rural workers have been receiving US$8,5 per day. It is not fair."

In response to the workers' demands, the government of President Francisco Sagasti sent the security forces to dismantle the social protest in Ica and La Libertad areas.

"The order is clear. We are going to clear the roads," the National Police Commander Cesar Cervantes said, as reported by Gestion.

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