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'People Who Vote for Lula Deserve to Suffer', Bolsonaro Says

  • Indigenous woman during a protest, Brazil.

    Indigenous woman during a protest, Brazil. | Photo: Twitter/ @fabriciotitiah

Published 20 April 2021

Brazil's President criticized the Workers' Party governments for their policies to distribute income, arguing that people "get used to" benefits.

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday lashed out at citizens who will vote for the Workers' Party (PT) leader Lula da Silva in the 2022 presidential election.


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"For God's sake, people who vote for a guy like him are people who deserve to suffer," the far-right politician said, criticizing also the eight members of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) who overturned the convictions against Lula, which revoked the proscription for him to run in the elections.

When speaking about the judges, the Brazilian president questioned the possibility that the next government could elect two members of the Court.

“I am not criticizing the Supreme Court, I am saying the following: those who are there will stay there until they are 75 years old. Some of them want to switch to a ten-year term now."

The meme reads, "What did Bolsonaro mean? 'A biblical passage says Jesus gave out bread and went away. Then the people followed him. Why did they follow him? To get more personal benefits. Did you make the connection with the Workers' Party giving a cash transfer? It is the human being who is there.'"

Referring to the social policies that the PT administrations established from 2003 to 2016, Captain Bolsonaro said that the "people get used to the benefits" and slammed Alexandre Kalil, the Belo Horizonte mayor who defends quarantines and was re-elected with over 80 percent of the vote last year.

"They call me genocidal, but look for the damage of quarantines: a generation without school, people dying of depression, and economic bankruptcy," the Brazilian president said.

Regarding the 2022 elections, Bolsonaro acknowledged that the alliance of parties he intended to promote failed. He currently does not have a party to support him but is negotiating his return to the Social Liberal Party (PSL) from which he withdrew in 2019, as local outlet Noticias O Minuto recalled.

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