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Bolivia Vaccinates Convicts In Prisons Along Border With Brazil

  • Health workers prepare to vaccinate inmates, Bolivia, April 15, 2021.

    Health workers prepare to vaccinate inmates, Bolivia, April 15, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @BoliviaRegimen

Published 16 April 2021

This Andean country's penitentiaries keep 18,000 inmates due to delays in judicial processes. Over 60 percent of them await sentencing.

Bolivia's Penitentiary System Director Juan Limpias Thursday announced the beginning of the vaccination program in prisons near the border with Brazil.


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"Inmates are also vulnerable to contracting the disease. Therefore, we prioritized their vaccination," he said, adding that health workers have already immunized 67 prisoners of the Puerto Suarez Penitentiary, in Santa Cruz Department.

In the next few days, Bolivia plans to immunize another 380 prisoners at the Villa Busch prison, in the Amazonian city of Cobija.

"We will also immunize inmates from prisons subject to preventive epidemiological surveillance in the regions of Santa Cruz, La Paz, Cochabamba, Beni, and Pando," Limpias assured.

According to the official, Bolivia has prioritized inmates because the country's prisons are overcrowded.

"The 48 penitentiaries have about 18,000 inmates due to delays in judicial processes," Limpias said and informed that over 60 percent of Bolivian prisoners await sentencing.

Last December, 149 inmates got infected and two prisoners died during the second wave of COVID-19 that hit the country. Over 30 of those infected have not yet recovered from the disease.


Juan Limpias
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