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Nicaragua and Russia Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation

  • Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega meets Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov

    Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega meets Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov | Photo: CCC / Jairo Cajina

Published 17 February 2022

The agenda of the meeting between representatives of both countries included economic and trade issues.

The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, welcomed a Russian delegation headed by Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov in a meeting conducive to strengthening the cooperative relationship between the two nations.

The President said that it was possible to comply with the established schedule and highlighted Russia's work in the struggle for peace, an action they share.

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"We have had the opportunity to share with him about the schedule that they were able to fulfill in a short time; all the issues that needed to be addressed were addressed, always fighting for peace. With Russia, we have always met in the struggle for peace," he said.

The Executive emphasized that humanity's best reference in the defense and struggle for peace is "the heroism of the Russian people, when they confronted fascism, Nazism, and defeated it, saving Europe, the United States and humanity, that cannot be forgotten."

The Head of State explained that the meeting agenda with the Russian delegation included economic and commercial issues, which "have to do with the strengthening of relations between our peoples."

In addition, he commented that the deputy ministers of the Russian delegation addressed all the issues planned with the Nicaraguan ministers. "This has been an intense day, a day about peace," he said.

"These are moments in which, once again, empires are attacking peace in the way they are attacking Russia. We cannot forget what happened a few years ago, the coup d'état in Ukraine, just like the one they tried here in 2018, they bathed the Nicaraguan people in blood. They destroyed, burned, but they did not manage to defeat the people", said the President.

He also sent his greetings to his counterpart Vladimir Putin and expressed his solidarity and encouragement to the Russian people and government in the struggle for peace. 

"Our accompaniment in this struggle for peace. We are sure that, once again, peace will prevail over the attempts of war and expansion of the imperialist of the Earth", he concluded. 

For his part, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov assured that his visit to the country aimed to "see the possibilities of expanding the spheres of cooperation, strengthening the ties of cooperation between our brotherly peoples."

"In the last year, the exchange of goods between our countries has grown three times, exceeding 160 million. This is not the limit", the official said.

Likewise, he stated that they are under the conditions to multiply "several times this amount of merchandise exchange between our countries. This is what we will continue working on".

"For more than 40 years, we have been providing technological and military support to your army, and we will continue to provide our support and we will continue to work in this direction as well (...) We have many things, much scope for working together and we hope that today's visit will bear fruit in the future and soon," the Russian deputy prime minister concluded.

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